Free Bag of Purina Pet Food

Free Bag Purina Pet Food

If you pledge to take the Purina 28-Day challenge, you'll receive a coupon good for a free bag of Purina One cat or dog food, valued up to $9.99!

This has nothing to do with the freebie, but my sister got a new cat, Marshmallow, and brought her over during the holidays. I've always been a dog guy, so I'd never spent much time around a young, skittish cat before. I'd also never heard of cats who prefer to be watched and pet while eating, but long story short, I must have pet that little fluff a million times while she searched for the perfect piece of kibble. 😻

I need a cat now!

This freebie has since ended, but Purina is now offering a free $5 coupon.

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  1. We just adopted a 2 year old car named Trinity. She was for my son’s 7th Birthday. We love her so much and would like to know how we could get a free bag of your Purina One cat food? Thank you so much.


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