Free Depend Adult Underwear Sample Packs

This freebie from 2011 is still active! These are great for donations.

There are free Depend sample packs available for both women's underwear and men's briefs.

Free Depend for Men Samples

  • 2 Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men
  • Coupons

Free Depend Depend Silhouette Pack for Women Samples

  • 2 free Depend Silhouette Underwear for Women
  • Coupons

Based on the packaging, it appears to be for people with rambunctious shadows. Let's see if I qualify.

*looks down*

*shadow shakes head no and picks up a donut*

Well, the shadow has spoken!

These samples are available to new customers, but we all know how to get around that little hurdle (use a new email). It's a lot easier than actual hurdles. I can't tell you how many times my track coach berated me for running out of my lane and around the hurdles instead of jumping over them.

And now, how about a random Depend ad from 2014 that still makes me laugh.

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