Free Haagen-Dazs Cone Day 2024

I scream, you scream, we all scream AHH, IS THAT A SNAKE!?

Oh, no, it's just the next free Haagen-Dazs cone day, where we get a free mini cone. That's way better than a snake.

The next free ice cream event occur will hopefully occur in May 2024, with exact dates to come. I bet you didn't know about it already, did you? You did? Well, either somebody already told you or you're a mind-reader. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, YOU WARLOCK!

Don't worry, I've already set this post to republish closer to this freebie event.

Their store locator even shows you the spots that participate in this event! Simply search your area, then click “Get Shop Info” to your local spots. If they participate, “Free Cone Day” will be listed under Additional Shop Details.