Possible Free Panera Bagels or Coffee All Month

Free Panera Bread Bagels All Month

MyPanera Rewards members (not to be confused with YourPanera or OurPanera) have the chance to be offered a free bagel or a free coffee every day for the month of January! Simply log into your account each day to see if a freebue is listed in your rewards or you can check your email for a daily notice from Panera.

If you receive either of these, take your Panera card into the store that day and you'll get a free bagel (without any spread.) Who gets the freebie is randomized each day, so make sure to check your account / email every day this month.

If you dig this offer, you'll probably enjoy Panera's birthday freebie offer too!

3 comments on “Possible Free Panera Bagels or Coffee All Month”

  1. Goob, thank you so much for this post. I checked app and I had won! Ain’t nobody need 31 bagels but still, the ones I do get are appreciated! And they give free butter with the bagels! Cream Cheese is $1.40.


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