Free Political Stickers

Below you'll find a wide array of free stickers for political candidates and issues. I've actually been updating this list since 2008! You might notice some of the candidates below have already dropped out of the race, but they still have free stickers! Think of them as collector items?

My only quibble with these are they're all focused on recent elections. Where's our free Rutherford B. Hayes sticker?!

Entries with RECENTLY ADDED! were … you guessed it, recently added!

Free Liberal Stickers

Free MoveOn stickers – This organization frequently offers left-leaning political stickers. At time of publication, they have five different freebie stickers to choose from. If you want, you can sign up for multiple of them.
Free “Hot Girls Vote” stickers

Free “Thank FDR for Social Security” sticker
Free I β™₯ Equality sticker
Free “End Citizens United” sticker
Free “Proud Democrat” sticker
Free “Repeal and Replace the GOP” sticker
Free “Stop Sexism” sticker
Free “Still My President” Obama sticker
Free “We Are All DREAMers” sticker
Free “Resist Trump” sticker
Free “Stop Bigotry” sticker

Free President Obama Legacy sticker

Free Bernie Sanders FDR-inspired sticker
Free Bernie Sanders “Not Me. Us.” sticker

Free Conservative Stickers

None currently available

If you know of any active offers, please send them my way!

Free Third Party Stickers

Free Libertarian sticker
Free Conservation Voter Sticker

Expired Political Stickers

Free Obama & Biden sticker
Free Kamala Harris “Joyful Warrior” 2020 sticker
Free Kamala Harris “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way” 2020 sticker
Free Pro-Choice stickers
Free Blue Wave 2020 sticker
Free Bernie Sanders Official 2020 sticker
Free Elizabeth Warren “Public School Made Me” sticker
Free Elizabeth Warren for President 2020 sticker
Free Pete Buttigieg 2020 sticker
Free Pete Buttigieg “Abolish the Electoral College” sticker
Free “Need to Impeach” Sticker – As we covered earlier, there are 6 free designs to choose from.
Free Andrew Yang “I Have The Data” sticker
Free Andrew Yang for President Tour Bus sticker
Free Tom Steyer “What Am I Doing Here?” stickers
Free Cory Booker 2020 sticker
Free Emily's List “Elect Women” sticker
Free “Close the Camps” sticker
Free “I'm Voting Blue” sticker
Free Unknown Democrats sticker
Free “Vote Against Hate” sticker
Free “Save the Planet, Vote Democrat” sticker
Free Resistance is Local sticker
Free “Stop the Deportation Force” sticker
Free Vote Blue 2022 sticker
Free “Big League Trump Supporter” sticker
Free “Make America Great Again” sticker

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I'm a nationally renowned freebie finder & sample vetter, which I never imagined I'd be doing while getting my Bachelor's Degree in History almost 20 years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy launching my own space program and disproving the Coriolis effect.

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  1. Hey Goob..I’ll pass on the Sticker, However If I had a sticker, which said Goob ROCKS, I definitely would put it on My Jeep…Your WEBSITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am just not a bumper sticker kind of gal. I have never had one on any vehicle I have ever owned…but I would gladly put a “Goob for President” sticker on my car!

  3. Where’s the “Goob for President” bumper stickers? Freebies for every man, woman, and child! HIF all the way! Gooooooo Goob! πŸ™‚


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