Free Splenda Sweetener

It's been a few years since a free Splenda sweetener sugar offer was around. They gave away free Splenda Naturals stevia samples deep into 2018, but even that appears to have stopped.

As we wait for the sweet freebies to return, here are some high value Splenda coupons along with a few classic HIF jokes from the archives!

Old HIF Splenda Jokes

There's a free Splenda Essentials sugar offer on their Facebook page. You'll also be entered into a contest where a $1000 Visa giftcard will be given away for every 10,000 samples they send out. In other words, tell your friends to get the freebie but stipulate you have dibs if they win the gift card. If they actually go for that, please let me hang out with them.

Today's “always mysteriously available” offer is free Splenda Essentials β€œsugar”. You get to pick between one with Antioxidants or B vitamins, so study up. I just spend 5 hours on WebMD trying to find out which was more important, but the only thing I learned was that I probably have lupus.

I'm not much of a Splenda fan though. I don't even like the sugar that you can buy in the store. Nope, I go straight for sugar the way Mother Nature intended it to be – in cane form! Sure, some people stare when they see what looks like bamboo sticking out of my coffee mug, but they don't know what they're missing.

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