Spotlight: Gas Buddy & Gas Price Watch

One post I've got in the works is a list of websites that will help you save money and fellow freebie friend William sent in two more great additions for the upcoming post – Gas Buddy and Gas Prices from AAA!

The basic gist of both sites are to keep track of the ever fluctuating local gas prices thanks to user contributions. Think gas prices meets Wikipedia. While Gas Buddy seems to be the larger of the two, Gas Prices actually had info on my tiny town thanks to a local resident who seems to make updates every day. Looking at the map, I see the station nearest me (which I usually fill up at!) has gas at $2.10 while half a mile away I can find it at $1.89.

As a matter of fact, I even registered a free account on both sites and updated a price I saw today. That's the beauty of the sites. There's such a wide array of people contributing that the prices stay pretty current. So the next time you realize you may need to fill up soon, find the cheapest gas near and maybe plan your route home from work accordingly. You won't save millions, but even if you only save a few bucks every week, the savings add up quickly over a year!

7 comments on “Spotlight: Gas Buddy & Gas Price Watch”

  1. I just wanna know where yu can get gas for $1.89 a gallon………..i live in LA(the like san fernndo valley actually) and i am happy 2 know that such a low price exists somewhere.

  2. As a comment to the previous poster…don’t believe the hype. It’s been shown that “premium” gas does little to improve performance or mileage. It’s a ploy by the gas companies.
    However, I’d like to note that I’ve been on several of these gas watch sites and they never list the lowest in my town that might be Safeway or Costco or Arco stations. I get the feeling that the biggies..Chevron, Valero etc feed their prices to these sites (surely by a paid staff). I’ve yet to find a site to list any of these. Perhaps the perameters of club membership or ATM/Cash only is a criteria for omiting these?

  3. AS much as these sites are handy, I find that they aren’t always up to date for my area – or they only give the lowest grade which is below what my car manual says to take.
    I find that when I find a low price for gas, I just stick with that one store, it is also nice that it is locally owned and not just locally managed.


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