Try Your Luck Thursday Winners

Did you recently win a prize from one of our Try Your Luck Thursday contests? Then please let us know and we'll add you to the list below!

Julie A won a Ragu veggie spiralizer and a Coca Cola polar bear stuffed animal (November 2019)

Sandy S. won two motorcycles worth $5800! (April 2016)
Jeff P. won a $50 Nicorette gift card and a $500 McDonald's gift card! (April 2016)

$250 Pac Sun clothing package: Kurt T. (5/5/15)
Free Milk For A Year: NotLoggedIn (2/10/15)
Free Dockers Pants: Mariann and Amy (2/10/15)
Pace: About two dozen Hiffers won coupons for free Pace Salsa.
Kikkoman: Over 100 Hiffers won free tongs, spoons, and coupons
Ultimate Dream Date: Wendy (1/29/15) – This included dinner for two at a restaurant with limo transportation, a copy of “I Love You Beth Cooper” on DVD, a $300 giftcard, and more that put the prize value at $1120!

Christine C. (Jan 2014) – $100 cash from Check in the Mail giveaway.
Deb H. (Mar 2014) – $450 White's Boots gift certificate from Oct. 25 TYLT.

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