Deal: Free Arby’s Fries and Drink

Free Arby's Fries and Drink

This deal for a free Arby’s fries and drink isn’t quite 100% free because you have to purchase a New York style reuben sandwich in order to get them. But a free lunch for the cost of a sandwich isn’t half bad. Well unless your Arby’s charges $250 for a reuben sandwich. Then it’s a freaking ripoff.

[thanks Common Sense with Money!]

  • My husband and son were at Arby’s on Monday, said the sandwich alone was $7.00.

  • Seriously? To heck with that then!

  • Dee

    A $250 sandwich is pretty expensive :P

  • txmtnbiker74

    O.o who wants Reuben breath anyways ;)

  • kickformoney

    That’s EXACTLY what my Arby’s charges. I only eat there on the free days.

  • kickformoney

    You don’t say? What state do you live in?

  • Goob, you’re hilarious.