Arby’s Birthday Freebie

Arby's Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free small shake & curly fries with any sandwich purchase
  • Appetizer
  • Dessert
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Holy Frijoles. My email address for birthday freebies usually gets three or four offers a week. However at midnight last night, I suddenly received 79 of them. Looks like I'll be busy this week.

However in a pure act of procrastination, I'm first grabbing lunch at Arby's and enjoying my free signature sandwich with any soft drink purchase. With any luck, they'll still have the meats by the time I arrive!

15 comments on “Arby’s Birthday Freebie”

  1. I love Arby’s. This is so nice to send these coupons for my birthday, which is March 26, l939. The coupon in the pix expired 2-14-11. I know that is only an example. thank you very much.

  2. Thanks so much for the great list of freebies! I haven’t paid for a meal in the last week since the freebies started arriving (and my birthday isn’t even until next week!). You guys do a great job!

  3. Happy Birthday Goob!!! Love all the freebees. I’m having a problem using all the free meals before they expire!! (Most of them are 45 miles away from
    my home.) Keep up the great work!! Love to check my mailbox each day.

  4. Tip: Sign up for all the birthday offers – but change your month on each one – that way you get birthday freebies each month – works for me :o)

  5. Thanks Goob! Arby’s R good!

    @ Scam I think he means he has signed up with LOTS of different places and since his birthday is coming up, they have all kicked out their offers to him at the same time.


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