Fazoli’s Birthday Freebie

Fazoli's Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

While getting your Fazoli’s birthday freebie, you may find the urge to ask the employees what exactly is a Fazoli. You must fight this temptation. I speak from experience when I say they won’t know and will instead look at you strangely when you start stamping your foot and demanding an answer.

Signup Freebie: Nothing.
Birthday Freebie: Free dessert.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • MO

    I so wish there was a Fazoli’s out here in WA. It’s the one thing I miss about Denver, was the endless garlic breadsticks, all warm and buttery…. NOM.

  • Tierra

    I recently signed up the sent me a coupon that can be printed or used on your phone for free spaghetti.

  • Reed Gonzales

    They now have a signup freebie – “pick your own pasta”