Free Custom Designed T-Shirt

Free Camel TShirt

If you’re cool with tobacco offers then you’ll love this free custom designed t-shirt from Camel. I had to make an account, which makes me think this is their first foray into the freebie world. They probably had to take a few breaks while running to catch up.

After logging in, look around for the Crush Experience then select the small t-shirt box. You’ll then go through a few more quick prompts before finally heading to the t-shirt printing company’s site. This is where you get to actually design your shirt. Once you’re satisfied with your design and color, hit submit and you’re set!

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

  • heatherg

    i tried logging in and it says my account is locked i tryed calling them but doesnt go throu :( my password is right wont let me loggin

  • Marilyn

    I don’t feel entering the last 4 of my ssn is worth the risk

  • Sunny

    too much hassle


    The same thing happened to me a few days ago, something about me not being able to have access. Today I got a welcome email from camel, tried it and was able to log in. It might just take them a few days to process requests

  • ASD

    can’t register/call/send in driver’s license???May not be worth the trouble

  • heatherg

    by the time i get in the site the shirts will be gone :o

  • Jennifer

    I logged in fine but there’s no time shirt button to be seen

  • Kohl Tabori

    This was cool! I designed my own t-shirt. Now I’m going to tell my friends.

  • Kate

    The tee shirt is there. Scroll down, it’s in a box about in the middle of the page. They do need to verify your age because it’s a tobacco company. I gotten tons of really nice freebies from tobacco companies. Sleeping bags, thermos bottles, tee shirts up the butt, a set of grilling tools, flashlights, a car care kit. I could go on and on. And the nice thing is that they can not put their logo on any promotional items anymore, so some of the stuff makes great gifts!

  • Jim

    Started a new account, got as far as typing in and verifying a password . Hit the continue button and message came up that password was invalid. I just created the password, how could it be invalid? Not wasting any more time.

  • steve

    same thing happened to me

  • anna

    You have to use your computer not the phone

  • Jeff

    worked for me, seems like everyone else on here is quite lazy

  • Jeff

    its at the bottom, gotta read a lil bit

  • Jeff

    L A Z Y

  • heatherg

    nope i tryed yesterday tried calling them trying to get in my account wont let me it seems like this is happening to other people lazy we are not

  • Jezze

    Oh yeah, everyone on here is lazy. It couldn’t possibly be any other reason. Dufus!

  • D.Burkhardt

    Told me it an an issue with my sign up. Gave a phone # to call, or other options.

  • cookie

    I tried and it didn’t work…how dare u say ppl r lazy!!!!!!

  • martialartsfan

    What a crappy promotion! Nothing would transfer to the shirt, and the border couldn’t be adjusted, either. Only could view, not interact. (Using IE on a computer, in case somebody questions it)

  • Marilyn

    of course they have to verify your age but date of birth works fine for that. other tobacco companies use that. ssn is not needed and not safe to give out

  • Chenoa

    I had the same issue. Try Firefox. That fixed it for me

  • LucyAnn

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! Can’t wait for my shirt to get here. Thanks Goob!

  • Wren

    It says they are updating the site and to check back later.

  • Ed

    Anyone can say they are 21 or older, by law they have to have a means to verify it. I’ve been getting freebies from the tobacco companies for years and never had a problem.

  • Nmd76

    Worked for me! Thanks!

  • Lissy

    I have. I’m 23 years old, and still there’s always a problem verifying me for some reason.

  • TheOUsoonersFanatic .

    The ‘sign-up” regarding the confirm password is ridiculous!!! I typed it all the same, the twenty freaking times I did it. And it still states it as invalid! I name this site indamnvalid!

  • brennifer66

    No t shirt box to be found :(