Free Hallmark Card Each Month

Free Hallmark Card Each Month in 2022!

Join their free Crown Rewards program and you'll get a free Hallmark Card in-store each month through December 31! Each card is worth up to $3.99, so this entire offer is valued around $48.

To redeem this, simply use the coupon they email you or login to your account and look under Hallmark Offers or view their card selection here.

This offer previously expired in June 2021, but it was so popular that they extended it throughout 2022. That gives us 18 extra freebies!

Free Hallmark Customized Greeting Card

Free Hallmark Customized Greeting Card

In addition to their free monthly greeting card offer, Hallmark is also giving away one free customized greeting card along with free shipping! The only requirement is that you have a free Crown Rewards account.

Here's how to get this freebie and send a free card to a loved one!

  • Select any eligible card, up to $12.99 in value.
  • Design your customized layout and message inside.
  • Add card to cart and login or register for your Crown Rewards account.
  • Use promo code SIGNANDSEND at checkout.

This promo ends 6/30/22.

Free Hallmark Card

3 Free Hallmark Mahogany Cards!

Hallmark is sending out 3 free Mahogany cards to help celebrate Black History Month! And they're giving away a million of them!

Don't worry, they're spreading them out so that we each get a free 3-card pack of greeting cards. I don't know what I'd do if they sent me all one million freebies. It'd probably involve building the world's largest greet card fort on my apartment's roof.

These ship without any cost, so enter your mailing address and you're all set to get this $9 value freebie. After submitting your address, you'll get a confirmation number on the next screen.

Last year, Hallmark gave away 3 million general greeting cards in total (they ran this promo three separate times). My friends and family don't have many winter birthdays, so I went with a generic “get well soon!” card. It's nice to have them on hand for those last minute events. In fact, I keep a drawer full of them, some of which include timeless messages as “Y2K is almost here!” and “I'm glad to hear you didn't contract SARS.”

If you love this freebie, then you'd love my mom. I swear, there are more unused Hallmark cards in her house than any other object. You could combine every individual coin, light bulb, and battery and I promise you there'd still be 10 times the number of cards. I'm sure if I dug deep enough in the drawer, I could find something for National Dog Day.

Free Vaccine card holder

Free Vaccine Card Holder

MoveOn is giving away a free vaccine card holder protector since nobody had the brilliant idea to make these things standard wallet size!

You can skip the monetary donation request after submitting your shipping info on the first page. You'll still get your freebie without donating a penny and you should receive a confirmation email almost immediately.

Free Temporary Bug Tattoos

Free Temporary Bug Tattoos

The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is giving away free temporary bug tattoos! Simply go here and select “TATTOO” under “Item Type” to pull up 11 different tattoo freebies. Then enter the quantity desired, add to cart, and checkout!

A lot of other freebie sites are saying you need to checkout individually if you want different tattoos, but I think that's incorrect. I was able to add three different tattoos to my cart and checkout a single time for all of them.

Here are the tattoo designs I was offered:


Free Grandparents Day Postcard

Free Grandparents’ Day Postcard

Oh boy. We blew it. September 12 was Grandparents' Day and none of us remembered, did we!?

Oh well, at least you can still send a free personalized postcard to your grandparents!

I have a feeling this won't stay active for too much longer.

Free Ring Sizer

Free Bulgari Ring Sizer

Free ring sizers have been a “thing” since I started HIF, but 99.9% of them are usually nothing more than flimsy slips of paper. However, this Bulgari ring sizer looks to be an actual contraption that won't fall apart as soon as it's tossed in the kitchen junk drawer!

My scissors, over mitts, dried out Sharpies, and loose rubber bands that I haven't seen since 2008 are excited to meet their new friend!

This freebie is a bit different that most. You'll want to click “Request your ring sizer” and then send an email asking for one. It'll include a pre-written request and all you have to do is fill in your mailing address!

Free NASA Astronaut Autograph

Free NASA Autographed Astronaut Photo

According to NASA's Kennedy Space Center FAQ page, you can get a free autographed picture of an astronaut simply by asking!

Q. How can I obtain an autographed picture of an astronaut?
A. You may write or fax your request to the following address for astronaut autographed pictures:

NASA Johnson Space Center
CB/Astronaut Office
Houston, TX 77058

Here's an official list of active astronauts with direct links to their social media pages. Who knows, maybe you're about to discover your newest favorite spacefaring human!

Free Temporary Tattoo Butterfly

Free Temporary Butterfly Tattoo

GlaxoSmithKline is giving away free temporary butterfly tattoos as part of a Lupis awareness campaign.

Show the world your strength and courage as a lupus warrior. Show support for your friends and family members living with lupus. Unite as a community to show our newly diagnosed sisters and brothers that they are not alone.

It's easy to show your support! Order your temporary tattoos, snap a pic, and share with #whyitattoo.

It's also easy to follow HIF on Twitter!

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