Free Marlboro Items

Altria sent me a cease and desist letter for including a picture here, so it’s gone now, lol.

Growing up, I used to imagine mascots and icons roamed around in their own little world. I’d picture the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel hanging out in the desert and, who knows, they might have been using any of these four random Marlboro freebies that we can choose from.

  • Leather keychain
  • Ironclad bottle opener
  • Classic black bandanna
  • Two $1 off coupons

What I’m getting at is that I had some weird daydreams as a child.

  • sknighton

    I do not see anything free here, what am I not seeing.

  • JustMe

    Cooool I got the bottle opener. Thanks, G!

  • Holly

    Also if you take the time to visit the site and explore every day you can get an even better free item.

  • obsessed ob/cc

    HELP! I’m not seeing the free offers.

  • says i’m not over 21 when i am…weird

  • Laura Davis

    Offer is under rewards

  • Al

    You know. You only need to be eighteen to smoke. Why is you have to be old enough to drink to be a member of a cigarette brand’s mailing list?

  • Kate

    I picked the leather keychain for myself and the bandana for my husband.

  • Terri

    I love your site, however I think that you should not post these freebies. I feel that freebies like this are for the people that actually smoke. Myself as a smoker participate in Marlboro freebies because it is what I smoke, I see many freebies for snuff, other cigarette brands, beer I dont drink, etc. These rewards are meant for customers. Just my input but maybe something to think about. I am a loyal follower of your blog and refer it many times on my own blog but this is the first post I had to comment on

  • Kate

    Goob, I don’t see a problem with you posting any freebies. I don’t smoke, don’t allow smoking in my house, and only go to restaurants that are smoke free but I appreciate the nice things the tobacco companies have to offer. I also don’t have children, but I get free formula, diapers, etc., that I donate to our local women’s shelter. Shampoo samples go to our Salvation Army Homeless Shelter. (Yes, I have hair but don’t need that much shampoo)
    Alot of coupons I stick right by the items in the store so that others can find them.

    I guess what I’m saying is everyone is free to pick and choose what they want to get as far as freebies. Just don’t touch any of my free chocolate.

  • Joe

    Terri, blow your smoke the other way.
    Thanks Goob for posting this.

  • MrsCobine

    It’s not Goob’s job to monitor the samples people claim.
    He has only promised to help us FIND them.

  • Scott

    Please keep posting these offers. I smoked for 22 years, quit 5 years ago. We have a friend that smokes Marlboro, so he gets all the coupons that we receive and I get the other freebies. I gave Marlboro plenty of money during those 22 years and I don’t feel guilty about claiming a gift once in a while from them.

  • obsessed ob/cc

    Same here Scott. I quit about 10 yrs. ago. I smoked for 29. The only think I’m feeling quilty about is wasting all that money on something so bad for you.

  • Justin

    Terri, cigarette companies take freebies from me by increasing the cost of my insurance. If their system isn’t good enough to protect them from non-smokers getting freebies, I guess I’ll take my 2 dollar bottle opener.

  • Sugarbear

    Goob, don’t worry. I STILL have strange daydreams.

    Terri, I think these companies are just happy to have lots of people showing off their promotional items. Frankly, they could give a fig if I smoke or not as long as I’m carrying around a key chain with their brand name on it.

  • The Harlboro Man

    Terri stop whining, the world has plenty already.. THAT’S something gor YOU to think about ;)

  • Nancy

    If people like Terri didn’t have something to whine about, they wouldn’t be happy. I just read it and forgot it. Not worth the complaining about. Goob, keep up the good work. YOU RULE!!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    Sugarbear, none of the promotional items from tobacco freebies have the brand name on them anymore. It is prohibited by law.

  • i get a black screen

  • allie

    Terri – I smoke, and so does my husband, and this is our brand. I thought the purpose of this site was so Goob could help us ALL find freebies, there are thousands of a followers of this site and he makes the freebies as diverse as possible.

  • Francina Martinez

    My dad smoked from the time he was 14 to when he passed away at 50. I don’t ever remember seeing him NOT having a pack of Marlboro’s in his pocket or at his side. I figure they took plenty of money from him in his lifetime.

  • Jenny

    Terri………….you think these freebies are for people who actually smoke??? lol You wouldn’t post these on you blog?!?!? What blog? The one nobody reads??? You just come here to steal ideas. Be original.

  • Suddz

    it says im old enough even though I put that I was born in 1972…boogers

  • Eve

    If you visit the Malboro website everyday and click on the Rewards section, you can win an award based on 3 levels of gifts. Some of the better gifts are on level 3 and include steaks from Omaha Steaks, a Weber grill, a RCA camcorder and other goodies. I’ve already earned a Level 1 gift and I’m on my way to Level 3. Go check it out and go back each day to play for the biggest reward possible.

  • Picaresque

    You know what? I don’t request EVERY offer…some I wouldn’t use, some I don’t want to “join” when required, some I just don’t want! So, if you find you don’t like or want the opportunity (Such as when I view one for Ladies’ products, pet food, baby supplies…) just skip it. Leave your political opinions on another website or blog where someone might actually give a darn.

  • Cheryl

    Am i blind? What am i looking for cuz i dont see any freebie offer

  • Korbin

    I don’t smoke. im 13 years old and hate smoking (not people who smoke just ciggs because they get people addicted) anyways i would be happy to take a free bandana as long as it smells okay and not like tobacco

  • Not a smoker but i love the free bandana thanks

  • susie

    how funny is it that marlboro tells me it only allows 21 and older so it wont allow me on the site funny thing is is that im 33 thats crazy

  • russ

    How do i get The Bottle opener I never get anything but coupons from marlboro

  • Dave

    I got a free gift in the mail, and don’t know what it is? It looks like a oven mit. It’s black with a gray inner liner with two cut out slots at the top, but it’s to small to go over your hand. It’s the strangest looking thing. Any ideas ?

  • Levi

    I received the same thing. No idea what it is either. I hope someone can help.

  • Levi

    Found out right after I posted. It is a wine Koozie.