Free Snack Cup & Soda

SavingStar Friday Freebie

While looking at my second monitor, I incorrectly placed my hands on the keyboard and proceeded to type “Dr. Oeooer” for the Kroger freebie below. If you’re a marketer looking to name a new product, that suggestion is on the house. Any guesses on what kind of item it’d work best for?

  1. SavingStar – Free Keebler or Cheez-It Snack Cup
  2. Kroger – Free Dr. Pepper or 7-UP Ten

Also random sidenote, but is HIF running insanely slow for anybody else today or do I have the fine folks over at Time Warner to thank for my Internet speeds?

  • moostermiley

    HIF is running fine but there are some Facebook applications which are slow today … my guess it’s either a website problem or server problem that’s causing your site to run slow …