Free Milo's Tea Coupon

Free Milo’s Bottled Tea

Free Milo's Tea Coupon

If you have a local retailer selling Milo's tea, then download and print this coupon for a free Milo's 20 oz tea, good for up to $1.50! As soon as you request the freebie, a link will appear on the screen letting you download the coupon. SmartSource will then download a pdf coupon, which you can print at home.

Gotta admit, I'm glad this is bottled tea and not something four letters away. Bottled X. Ewwww.

This coupon expires 9/30/20.

Free Nature's Logic Dog Food

Free Nature’s Logic Dog Food

Nature's Logic is offering a free printable coupon good for one free bag of dog food, valued up to $6.49! After filling out the form, check your email for the coupon. Once printed, the coupon will be valid at your local retailer for 2 weeks.

I woke up in an extremely bad mood, but my spirits were quickly raised when my dog jumped on my lap. Is there anything better than a dog? Maybe a dog that barks out $100 dollar bills, but I don't think scientists have identified those necessary genetic mutations yet.

2019 Entertainment Coupon Book

2021 Entertainment Coupon Books on Sale!

2020 Entertainment Coupon Book

The annual Entertainment Coupon Books for 2021 are not only jam packed with coupons, but are currently on sale for only $20 shipped! This sale ends 11/9 at 2pm EST.

These coupons don't expire until December 31, 2021, so you have a full year to redeem as many coupons as possible. It only took my sister and brother-in-law a few weeks to make their money back with last year's coupon book.

One of the perks of these books is that all books come with a digital subscription! That means in addition to your hard copy with physical coupons, you also get access to over 75,000 digital coupons. They're accessed via's website or mobile app and are perfect for traveling away from home, where space might be limited.

I first posted about the Entertainment Coupon Books back in 2009, but it's been a while since I've refreshed folks on their savings. Each year, they offer location-specific coupon books that come packed with coupons for local restaurants, entertainment spots, and retailers.

Remember, this great offer expires on 11/9/20. If you're a Hiffers who already bought the 2020 coupon book, what do you think of it so far? Any coupons you've especially loved this time around?

Free Can Red Bull

Circle K: Free Can of Red Bull

Free Can Red Bull

Circle K (locations) is giving away a coupon for a free can of Red Bull. All you have to do is play a quick game and send in your score. Then you enter your phone number and get a text message with the coupon for a freebie.

The coupon is only valid through October 14, 2019. I got mine within a minute of submitting my score, even though I used my free Google Voice number.

Now…who do I talk to about Circle K's name? Because I have some terrible news when it comes to the number of circles in K.

Free Nestle Bottled Water

Free Nestle Brand 8-Pack of Water (Still Active!)

Free Nestle Bottled Water

This freebie from April 2018 keeps getting extended, so I'm re-upping it for these hot summer months! The offer now ends on 9/30/19.

Nestle is giving away coupons for free 8-packs of water of their varying brands. These brands are region-specific, because it's a well established fact that every region of the world drinks different water. Can't have the same, basic, life-sustaining water sold under the same brand nationwide – that'd be madness! I once drank Oregon water after growing up exclusively on South Carolina and it put me in the hospital for 10 years.

If you live in any of the states listed below or know these brands are sold near you, then request a coupon and you should receive it in 4-8 weeks. You have until 9/30/19 to request your freebie and the coupons themselves don't expire until 12/31/19!

I'd be awesome if we could direct our coupons over to Flint, MI residents somehow since Nestle seems to enjoy hurting local communities! But hey, trash brands are gonna trash.

Free Coconut Bliss Product

Free Coconut Bliss Product

If you have a nearby location that sells this, make sure to print a coupon for one free Coconut Bliss product. The coupon is good on any product, up to $6.99 in value!

This offer quickly died, then reappeared earlier this week, so I don't expect it to last very long. I'd print your coupon ASAP if you're interested!

[thanks to all the Hiffers who sent this in!]

Free Purina ONE True Instinct Dog Food

Free Purina ONE True Instinct Dog Food

Here's a different signup form to request a coupon good for a free bag of Purina ONE True Instinct dog food.

This seems to be the same free Purina pet food promotion that I wrote about last week. However, that form was on Purina's site and this form is on Facebook. It let me sign up for both using the same exact information, so I think we'll ultimately get two free bags of pet food!

If you're worried they'll scrub duplicate entries, the fine print says “one bag per household,” which means “one bag per mailing address.” So, if you have a work mailing address… 😉

This freebie is worth up to $9.99 and the coupon expires 4/1/20.

[thanks to Hiffer Kim for sending this in!]

2019 Entertainment Coupon Book only $19!

2019 entertainment coupon book sale

The 2019 coupon book is on sale for only $5, with free shipping, through July 31, 2019. Get yours today and make your money by using a single coupon in many cases! This is also the cheapest these books will be a full year out.

Sorry for not getting this posted earlier or any freebies over the end of last week. I was a bit sad and catatonic in bed. 🙁 I lost my other pup in May and let's just say 2018 has fucking sucked.