Free Checkout51 Sample Box

Check Out Checkout 51

See what I did there?

Seriously though, Checkout51 is a new couponing app similar to Ibotta. You signup, go shopping, then get the coupon amount refunded to your account. Once you hit $20, you cash out and treat yo self! Or I guess save it or pay off bills or whatever else it is responsible people do.

So how does it work? Simply download either the iPhone or Android app to your smartphone (or use the website if you don't have one!) and check out the new offers every week. They're posted at midnight on Thursdays and you have until the next Thursday to purchase any of the particular items and submit your receipt. Also it's worth noting that you can shop at any store and still use Checkout51.

Finally, as a bonus offer to celebrate launching in the US, Checkout51 is giving us $2 for free once we hit the $20 payout. You can find a list of their offers on their site to get a sense of how much you can save, like $0.50 off any dozen eggs.

So check it out and let me know what you think!

Free Generic Ibotta Money Rebates

Ibotta: Free Money Saving App

Let's talk about Ibotta for a minute, shall we? To me it sounds like one of those pills you'd see a commercial for with people sitting in outdoor bathtubs. “Don't take Ibotta if you're pregnant, have an upset stomach, or handled rabbit fur within the past 5 days. Common side effects include drowsiness, diarrhea, and an unpleasant conversation with your roommate one day.”

But in reality it's a pretty cool app for your Android, iPhone, or other iOS supported device that pays you to shop for groceries. You can think of it as a new form of coupons. After downloading it and registering, you can see a list of products that, if you purchase, will earn you money on the same scale of a coupon.

So take the image below for example. If I purchase Capri Sun, I can earn $1.00. If I purchase Kool-Aid Singles, I can earn another dollar.

Free Ibotta Money

As you can see, it's honestly free money if you're already buying these items. And it's not just food. I have $0.50 for Chap Stick, $1.50 for Tresemme shampoo, $1.25 for Colgate toothpaste, and a bunch more.

So, any Hiffers out there already using Ibotta? What do ya think?!

Free Procter & Gamble Coupons and Samples

Free P&G Everyday Sampler Pack

Man, from 2009-2014, Procter & Gamble ran a quarterly freebie campaign called Everyday Sampler and it was awesome. It was like the PINCHme freebie boxes, but you didn't have to qualify for them. You simply had to be one of the first quarter million or so to sign up and you'd get all sorts of coupons and freebies.

Now a days, those offers have stopped and you can only find the coupons on their site. But for a few years, we lived like freebie kings thanks to P&G!

It's a new year, which means it's a new quarter, which means it's time for another free P&G Everyday Sampler pack, which means we're all about to get a bunch of freebies and coupons, which means we won't have to spend as much money the next time we're at the store, which means everybody should have a little extra cash to buy me a birthday gift next month, which means no excuses!

I was able to request seven freebies and 18 coupons.

Free P&G Everyday Sampler

Here is yet another free $35 P&G coupon booklet filed with cleaning supply coupons. According to my records, this is the nine hundredth time this has been offered. Then again, my records aren't that accurate. Just ask the IRS agent who has audited me the past six years running. Shout out to Agent Ramirez!

I don't know how many of these free $35 P&G coupon booklets I've received, but we're about to add one more to the pile. Don't look now, but that pile is about to overgrow my laundry pile.

Interested in a free $39 P&G coupon book? I hope the answer is yes because otherwise this post is pointless. Thinking about that will make me wonder why I even published it which will inevitably lead to me questioning my career choice. At that point I'm only minutes away from a nervous breakdown or massive bender and that's just unacceptable at 10:45 am. I have standards. It should be at least after noon for either of those to occur.

This free $15 Proctor & Gamble coupon book is being given away by Save-A-Lot, so I'm not sure if they'll only be valid at that store or if they will be general manufacturer coupons valid anywhere. My hunch tells me it's the latter, but we'll see how accurate that is when the book arrives in 4-6 weeks.

That's pretty much my attitude for everything. “Oh really officer, I was speeding? We'll see about that in court!” Turns out I was. Judges apparently trust “radar readings” more than my claim that I can tell how fast I'm going by sticking my head out the window.

This free $30 coupon book seems to turn up at a new address every few months and today is no different. I've received it a few times and basically it's full of coupons for cleaning products from Proctor & Gamble, like Dawn, Cascade, Febreze. Unfortunately I don't do much cleaning other than tying Swiffer pads to my dogs. But wouldn't ya know, this sucker comes with coupons for them too!

Free SavingStar Coupon Savings

SavingStar – Turn Coupons Into Cash

We all know there are a million different places to print coupons from the Internet. A while back, Cellfire tried to shake things up by offering to load coupons onto your store loyalty card. It sounded sweet until I saw that their system only worked with a handful of stores, none of which I lived near. But now there's a new company called SavingStar that offers to do something similar, with a twist, and at pretty much every store – at least near me. And this includes drugstores.

The way SavingStar works is you load the coupons onto your loyalty card and then get paid when you use them. So if you load a $1 Oreo coupon and then buy some Oreos, your shopping bill at the store doesn't change or lower. Instead, $1 is credited to your SavingStar account. Once you reach $5, you can cash it out via Paypal or a gift card.

Now before I go shopping, I simply load everything up onto my card and then if I happen to buy the product before, sweet. It's almost like free money that I forget about until I remember to login and look at my account.

Some of you may remember SavingStar offering Friday Freebies each Friday from 2013 into 2015. Then, from May 2015 through June 2016, they offered freebies each month. Like any great Mariners fan, I expected it to abruptly end. Sadly, I was right, as they stopped giving away freebies and never started it back up again.

So they're all-in on coupons! Has anybody used SavingStar yet? What are your thoughts or opinions on it?

Free McDonalds Smoothie Coupon

Hiffers, mark your calendars because over 14,000 locations will be giving out free McDonalds smoothies from 7am-7pm on July 22-24. What does this mean for me? Well, for starters, I'll have to actually put on pants in the morning. I still don't understand society's hatred of guys wearing only boxers and fuzzy bunny slippers.

Also, if you still have USA Weekend or Parade magazine from Sunday, look inside it for a free McDonald's 12oz. Smoothie or Frappe coupon.

Also also, if you decide you want to buy a full-sized smoothie later on, here's a $1/1 coupon from McDonald's site.

Update: So McDonald's chickened out and canceled the freebie event on July 22-24. Wimps.

Free Whataburger Coupons

From December 2nd through the 24th, Whataburger is giving away free coupons every other day. In order to get them, simply sign up in advance and you'll get a random coupon e-mailed to you each day they're released. Speaking of food, I think it's time to head back to the fridge. Twelfth round of Thanksgiving leftovers, here I come!

Coupon: Free Food at QuikTrip

Too bad QuikTrip convenience stores are only located in the Midwest, away from where I live, because they have a free food coupon available at The coupon is for a free deli sandwich, wrap, or salad – no purchase necessary! The coupon won't show up unless you have a QuikTrip in your zip code, but some zips I tried made the coupon show up, such as: 85031, 63010, 66109, 30106, and 30339.

Some coupons expires on 10/21 and others on 10/25, but either way you'll need to make a quick trip to use it! Haha, get it? Hello? Is this thing on?

Free Playtex Samples & Coupons

While we wait for the next free Playtex sample opportunity, here are their free coupons! And below you'll find some of our old Playtex jokes πŸ™‚

This free Playtex Gentle Glide from Walmart should be just what I need to put the finishing touches on my homemade hang glider. I've been slowly building it ever since my first failed launching 15 years ago. I thought my childlike sense of wonder and imagination would be all I needed to soar off my roof. Gravity disagreed.

Here's a fun game for all of you bored at work. Head to Walmart's free Playtex Gentle Glide offer page and then quickly move your mouse back and forth over the two boxes of tampons. Hey, they're dancing! Look at them go! *cues up Salsa music in his head*

Yeah, I'm bored.

Okay, fine, I'm really bored.

Walmart has a new free Playtex Sport tampons offer up, but I'm not going anywhere near it. Why? Because of the ninja / witch in the ad! First she's kickboxing and then in a split second she's changed into an evening dress and is dancing? Believe you me, there's some type of sorcery going on here!

Free Zyrtec Sample & Coupons

Walmart is giving away some free Zyrtec samples and coupons, which is just in time for spring blossom! … Wait, isn't this a few month's too late? Do people get bad allergies during the fall and winter? I rarely leave my protective apartment cocoon, so I don't know much about the outside realm.

The “Get Special Savings” button will take you to a page where you can print $2 and $4 coupon. To get the sample, click on “Zyrtex 10mg Tablets.” There are quite a few states that don't love their residents and want them to suffer from allergies year round, however. They include: Arizona, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Corporate Internet Coupon Policies

Over the past months, a trickle has turned into a torrent of e-mails from people telling me that X store doesn't take printed coupons and Y store does but only if you use less than five and Z store has no limit and… you get the point. The thing is, in this example, Walmart was X, Y, and Z store!

So, I set out to see if there was a universal corporate coupon policy for any of the big name stores. I compiled the list below and began emailing corporate offices asking if they accept Internet coupons. Long story short: yes, most have an official policy and in the majority of stores, printed Internet coupons are okay.

But as I've hinted to, everybody seems to have a horror story of a cashier who refuses to accept the coupons and suddenly the total bill balloons. Nine times out of ten, that cashier is in the wrong and this is where a little education, planning, and hopefully this post will come in handy. If you shop regularly at any of the stores below, you might want to print out the policy and carry it around in your purse when you go shopping next!

There's no reason for anybody to be denied savings when they're rightfully entitled to them, especially in this economy!

Coupons powered by

A&P – Holy Mother of…A&P simply did not want to respond to my e-mails at all. But after a mere trillion messages by me, I received an e-mail with the following statement:

The internet is a powerful vehicle for getting information out to people and at the same time it is also a vehicle for false information. Unfortunately, internet coupons are not accepted in our A&P stores due to an abundance of fraudulent coupons circulating over the internet.

I know this is not the answer you and your readers want to hear at this time, but we are listening to you and other customers who are seeking alternate means of stretching their food dollars. Currently, we are working on a solution that would allow our customer's to download coupons from the internet directly to our loyalty cards electronically. We are exploring this idea and hope to put it into fruition in the near future. I apologize for the delay in my response, as I wanted to wait until we had more information of the new clipless electronic coupon service we will be offering. We are working with an external vendor and hope to have this service available starting August 7, 2009. [ed: so…it's released now?]

So that's kind of promising as it sounds like they'll be rolling out their own Cellfire version within a month in the past.

Read more

Free Holistic Pet Food

Coupon: $5 Eukanuba Dog Food

Is there a more simultaneous cute and disgusting moment than what's pictured above? Every time my dogs surprise me like that, I react with “awww …. ewwwww.” I've seen what they sniff when we go on walks. I know too much.

Oh yeah, right, back to the freebie I just found, in the form of a free $5 Eukanuba dog food coupon. I always do a double take when I see this brand name since it's so close to my own last name, Eubanks.

You'd think I'd learn to stop going, “wait, there's a dog food named after me?”

You'd be wrong.

I just mentioned to my dog that she's about to get free dog food, but I don't think she was all that excited. Come to think of it, she's always gotten free dog food since I've been paying all these years! Fingers crossed she has a stash of cash hidden under her crate or else I'm out quite a bit of money.

Coupon: Free KFC Meal

Not to be outdone by Chick-fil-A, Oprah is giving away a coupon good for two free pieces of KFC chicken, two individual sides, and a biscuit! Plus, the terms say you're limited to four prints of the coupon. Talk about an amazing offer – toss in a water and you've got yourself four free meals.

You have until 9:59pm CDT 5/6/09 to print the coupon. You can then redeem it at any participating KFC location from 5/5/09 to 5/19/09, excluding Mother's Day.

Now come on, who was planning on taking their mom to KFC for her Mother's Day meal?

Update: As many people have commented, KFC is no longer accepting these coupons. They are instead issuing rain-checks.