2022 Entertainment Coupon Books on Sale!

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The annual Entertainment Coupon Books for 2022 are not only jam packed with coupons, but are currently on sale for only $7 shipped!

These coupons don't expire until December 31, 2022, so you have a full year to redeem as many coupons as possible. It only took my sister a few weeks to make her money back with last year's coupon book.

One of the perks of these books is that all books come with a digital subscription! That means in addition to your hard copy with physical coupons, you also get access to over 75,000 digital coupons. They're accessed via Entertainment.com's website or mobile app and are perfect for traveling away from home, where space might be limited.

I first posted about the Entertainment Coupon Books back in 2009, but it's been a while since I've refreshed folks on their savings. Each year, they offer location-specific coupon books that come packed with coupons for local restaurants, entertainment spots, and retailers.

Remember, this great offer expires on 6/14/21. If you're a Hiffers who already bought the 2022 coupon book, what do you think of it so far? Any coupons you've especially loved this time around?

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18 comments on “2022 Entertainment Coupon Books on Sale!”

  1. The 2021 Book is smaller than in years past, and it now covers a larger area than in years past locally in southeastern PA we’ve gone from 3 books (2 for Philly and suburbs, and 1 for the Lehigh Valley) down to 1, now it covers the whole area.

  2. I bought one at for about $7 last year. Most of the coupons either weren’t for my area or required that you purchase something you wouldn’t normally purchase. I didn’t use enough coupons to even get the $7 back.

  3. I live near Philly, and my book is a great deal every year, even at the full renewal price. It gets shipped to me in advance. It used to be better when my grocery store was in there with four $5 coupons. If you use a cleaner or a car wash inthe book, you can do very well.

    Expiration dates do sometimes vary by coupon – the Philadelphia book is mostly good through 12/30.

    Another trick is to get one if you are traveling on vacation to someplace they have a book, and it’s late enough in the year to be discounted. They are $8 right now, I believe. I might pick up one for our trip in August.

  4. Entertainment Book offerings are not as good as they used to be but if you use it just once at that price ($7.76 + free S&H) then it is definitely worth it. Just a reminder that the book is usually only good through November.

  5. Is this just the book or will they charge you for an annual fee? I purchased the book, but now they’re sending me emails calling me a “member.” I just don’t want to get charged a membership fee.

  6. I have used the Entertain book for yrs, also there are many ways to get it at a discount, I paid 19.00 this yr … the coupons are great and many many deals to be found in it. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  7. Wow, the first time I got an Entertainment book was about 15 years ago…and I get way more than 6 times the price in savings every year.

    I live in Toronto so there’s a ton of great things to do with the various attractions and restaurants. Still, I end up giving away coupons to friends and my sister because I just can’t use them all and there’s stuff that friends want that I’ll never use. Well worth it. (Just make sure to keep it handy…at the end of the year, I’m always scrambling to use the best of the coupons before they expire.)

  8. These are geat for ski coupons. They have better deals than the $10 “Gems Card” in many cases, for places like Loveland, WinterPark, Copper, and others. Some have blackout dates, but many don’t. Even if all you use the Entertainment book for is for skiing, it’s worth buying.


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