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I don't think it's any great secret that the economy is nosediving right now and as such, coupons are becoming more and more valuable with each passing day. At the same time, what's the first thing to fly out the window whenever money gets tight? That's right, eating out. There's a whole slew of reasons to make your own meal every night: it's cheaper, usually healthier, etc.

But admit it, sometimes it's nice to treat ourselves to a large meat lovers pizza after a long week. That's why I thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of some pizza companies that offer free coupons & deals on their website. Here's to enjoying a little treat every now and then while lessening the wallop it puts on our wallet!

This list comes from Pizza Today's Top 100 pizza chains in America. I've taken the top 25ish and listed them below, alphabetically.

Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria – From the looks of it, they've got an e-mail club that promises to send special coupons to you periodically.

California Pizza Maker – This site's kind of a let down. All they have is an e-mail club that you can join, where kids 10 and under will get a coupon for a free pizza during the month of their birthday. Too bad I already had this listed on our massive free birthday food list!

Chuck E. Cheese's – I selected my state and nearest location and they gave me four printable coupons, so this looks like a pretty slick. You can also sign up for their “Chuck E-club” to get special offers via e-mail. Kudos on the totally unique newsletter name, too. No way I saw that one coming ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cici's Pizza – No offense Cici's, but your site stinks. No e-mail group, no free printable coupons, a poorly designed page. Okay, you're right, I'm just angry that I can't have a discounted pizza from them!

Domino's Pizza – Now this is what I'm talking about! Click the “coupons” link at the top of the site, enter in your info, and then click the “see all” tab to view all available coupons in your area. They also have e-mail and text alerts for any new coupon that becomes available.

Donatos Pizza – Again, they've not only got a coupon section, but a newsletter subscription page that promises to send unique offers to you. Now if only they had a location near me!

Fox's Pizza Den – Okay, this site is a bit weird and I say this without taking into consideration the creepy dude on the front page. If you look at a list of their locations accepting on-line orders, you'll find that each local join has a specific website ( for Kentucky, etc.) Now no matter which one you go to, they all link to this Fox's Pizza coupon website that looks spammy, but from what I can tell is actually legit. At the bottom of the page is a list of locations that accept the coupons, but they aren't exclusively the only ones that accept them.

Long story short, if you're local joint isn't on the list, I'd call ahead and make sure they'll accept the coupons.

Giordano's – Oh man, by far one of my FAVORITE pizza chains. Unfortunately, I not only have zero locations near me, but they don't offer any on-line coupons. Let's overwhelm them with “pretty please” e-mails until they cave.

Godfather's Pizza – Heck yes, this is what I need after that bizarro Fox's Pizza website I just experienced. Here are some no-nonsense coupons, ready for printing and using. Their eClub also vaguely hints at some special offers.

Hungry Howie's Pizza – They have a Deals section that's basically an e-mail club. They also have a coupon section, but it appears to be under construction.

Jet's Pizza – Join me in booing Jet's Pizza for not offering any coupons or e-deals!

LaRosa's Pizzeria – I was about to give up on this one, especially since there isn't a location near me, but at the last second I saw this “Print coupons online – go to check out and click the blue “Deals & Coupons” button. Turn on your printer and select “I Need to Print the Coupon”. In the next window, click “Print.” It really is that easy!” So, if you order on-line instead of via the phone, you should see a special coupon page before checking out. You can even click the “on-line order” link and then select the “deals” star to see what they're offering.

Ledo Pizza – There's no fewer than three different locations on their site that promise coupons and then lead to this e-mail subscription page. I'm expecting massive coupons from you, Ledo, or so help me!

Little Caesars – I wasn't too thrilled with their coupons. You have to input your location and then click on the nearest location's website. Once there, click “coupons” near the top left and finally you'll get a coupon you can use. I looked at multiple locations around the country and wasn't too impressed with the selection though. But hey, every penny counts, right?

Marco's Pizza – (Beware a stupid ad that plays when you load their page. I had my speakers at full volume and about jumped out of my skin…) You can search for promos in your location or join their e-mail club.

Mazzio's Italian Eatery – They've got a “Click for Coupons” box on the left side of the screen that opens a new window with the coupons inside.

Monical's Pizza – Click the “today's special” link at the top and then pick your nearest location. You'll then be prompted to print out a few different coupons you can use.

Old Chicago – I can't tell if their O. C. Connection newsletter will send you coupons or not, but there's only one way to find out, right?

Papa Gino's – They have a promos and coupons page, but it seems a little dead to me. Maybe they update it more frequently than I'm giving them credit for? Actually, now I feel bad, let me look at their site again. Ah-ha! Turns out you can sign up for a rewards card that promises coupons. There, I don't feel so guilty now.

Papa John's – You can enter in your address and zip code here instead of the hassle of making a free account and still see all of your local offers. I wasn't sure if these were different from the national offers, but then I noticed a “Redskin” special since I live near D.C. So chances are these are geographically specific.

Papa Murphy's International – These eClubs are pretty darn popular, no? Don't get me wrong, I love that these companies offer coupons in some sort of fashion, but I wish I could just see the coupon and click print right now!

Peter Piper Pizza – They've got a .pdf file that you can download and print. The current one has three coupons and of course, they also have an eClub!

Pizza Hut – After entering in your location, make sure you click the “show all coupons” tab to see every available coupon in your area.

Pizza Inn – I grew up on this stuff as a little kid, so it certainly brings back some fond memories. As luck would have it, they also have one of the easiest coupon pages around – just scroll down and you'll find a ton of coupons that you can print out.

Pizza Ranch – They've got three coupons here, as well as a Birthday Club. Not too shabby!

Round Table Pizza – If you select your city, then register with the site, you'll then be allowed to see some coupon offers in your area. I don't have one of these near me, so I didn't bother registering. Of course, you can let us know what you found in the comments!

Sbarro – I couldn't find anything official on their site. Punks.

Snappy Tomato Pizza – Really? Snappy Tomato? Okay, whatever, who am I to judge? Especially when their site has 6 printable coupons.

Uno Chicago Grill – The only thing I could find was a link to their free Insider's Club, which will e-mail you a coupon for a free appetizer with the purchase of any two entree. I also know that they offer holiday Christmas specials that via the Insider club and while I haven't been able to get confirmation that they're doing it this year as well, I found this page with a 2008 copyright date. The form isn't working yet, but I'll be sure to update everybody when it becomes active.

Valentino's of America – Okay, I am getting far too hungry after reading about nothing but pizzas for the past few hours. Here are a few coupons you can print out and then use to buy me some food.

Valpak and MoneyMailer– While not actual pizza joints, I've found that if you go and type in your zipcode, they'll have at least two or three coupons for various local locations that you can print out!

And by all means, if you know of a large chain that I've accidentally left off this list, please share in the comments. Now I think I've earned a freaking pizza, so that's all for today, folks!

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