Free Garnier Product Samples

Free Garnier Samples

Garnier holds the rare distinction of being a Top Three Freebie company over the years. Since starting HIF, I’ve posted 83 Garnier freebies and samples! Below you’ll find a smattering of some of our old posts and jokes πŸ™‚ To see a list of all active Garnier freebies, check out Garnier’s offers page. To see …

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Free Recycling Bin

Free Garnier Recycling Bin

Garnier is once again giving away a free recycling bin! This collapsible bin will be a nice upgrade over my current recycling system. Well, it’s not quite a system. It’s more of a “let the recycling build up until I struggle to carry it out and drop half of it down the stairs.” You’ll also …

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Goob Is Cramming Last Summer Into This One

Hey, remember that crappy cancer last summer? I sure do. Thankfully I’m still 100% in remission, but I bring it up because it kind of killed my summer. I spent 95% of it in a hospital chair or hugging a toilet bowl, but I guess it was worth it since, you know, still being alive …

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