Free Shout Color Catcher

Free Shout Color Catcher

As you can see, these free Shout Color Catchers had a burst of popular sampling events. They mainly ran from 2010-2012, but I'll continue being on the lookout for the next freebie opportunity.

I once tried to emulate these free Shout Color Catchers by eating a box of crayons. They didn't quite color what I was hoping for.

The old free Shout color catcher offer is back. Or maybe it never went away to begin with. I'm not the most attentive person in the world as my current outfit attests. I have no idea how this skirt got into my wardrobe or how I came to wear it.

This free Shout color catcher looks like a new form. Plus it accepted my info without saying I'd already requested a sample, so that's good enough for me to publish this. I have a pretty low bar when it comes to quality control. I'm the Creed Bratton of freebies.

Free Gain Detergent

It's been quite some time since we've found a Gain detergent freebie in the while. While we wait for they're glorious return, here are some of the earlier comments we made on their prior samples.

Brace yourself, people. I've got big, nay, huge news. Put a helmet on, sit in a padded chair, and take a few shots of whiskey before you go any further. Okay, are you ready? Alright, this free Gain laundry detergent comes with – wait for it – baking soda! BAKING SODA!

What does that mean? I don't know. Can you put this detergent in your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh? Sure, go for it. Heck, you might even wonder what's to stop you from buying the regular version of Gain and tossing in a little baking soda on your own. The answer? I'm gonna guess evil pixies.

Freebie-Karma has a way today of telling me what I need to do…

First, it was the IKEA breakfast freebie, telling me that I need to go grab some food. Then the Magic: The Gathering freebie that seemed to be telling me to have some fun, and now this free Gain laundry detergent, which is reminding me of exactly what I have to do today: head to Sam's Club and do the laundry later too.

This is creepy. I'd better get on my daily tasks before I find some freebie that says “Goob, get busy!”

Free Downy Laundry Detergent

It's been a while since we've seen some free Downy laundry detergent. The reason I know is because I'm down to my last pair of clean underwear and t-shirt. How do people keep all their outfits clean without freebies?!

While we wait for the next Downy freebie, here are a bunch of free Downy product coupons.

When I was in college, I used to do laundry once every 8 months or so. I figured if I wore a pair of jeans 21 days in a row, then it really didn't matter if I wore them a 22nd or not. But to be honest, part of my aversion to laundry was because I had no extra money for silly things like β€œdetergent” or β€œ3 quarters for the laundry machines.” Oh, how life could have been different had I known about freebies like these free Tide & Downy simply pleasures back then!

This free Ultra Downy isn't like that other regular Downy detergent. No, this stuff is Ultra, which is way better than that other crap. How so, you ask? Well heck if I know, but I can assure you that no company would every casually toss around a word such as Ultra in their product name.

What are these free Downy Unstoppables supposed to stop? Stains? Crazy ex-girlfriends? Myself from eating an entire pan of brownies? There are so many options!