Free Haagen-Dazs Cone Day

Free Haagen-Dazs Cone Day 2022

I scream, you scream, we all scream AHH, IS THAT A SNAKE!?

Oh, no, it's just the next free Haagen-Dazs cone day, where we get a free mini cone. That's way better than a snake.

The next free ice cream event occur will hopefully occur in May 2022, with exact dates to come. I bet you didn't know about it already, did you? You did? Well, either somebody already told you or you're a mind-reader. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, YOU WARLOCK!

Don't worry, I've already set this post to republish closer to this freebie event.

Their store locator even shows you the spots that participate in this event! Simply search your area, then click “Get Shop Info” to your local spots. If they participate, “Free Cone Day” will be listed under Additional Shop Details.

Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day

Free Ben & Jerry’s Cone Day

Mark your calendars! The annual Ben & Jerry's Cone Day is Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 12 – 8pm. By then, the weather should be gorgeous and warm, so I hope my local establishment is liberal on their dress code. There are only so many hours in the day and I need to maximize my tanning by wearing only a speedo as much as possible.

Also, don't be fooled by the name. Last year I spent hours cleaning out a giant traffic cone, but for some crazy reason, my local Ben & Jerry's wouldn't fill it to the brim with free ice cream. So I guess it's not just any old cone, right Ben? Or was it Jerry who instituted this insane policy?!

Free Hi-Chew Fruit Candy

Free Hi-Chew Fruit Candy

You can possibly signup today requesting some free Hi-Chew fruit candy! This is a Japanese candy that I've never tried, but kinda sounds like their version of Starburst? Either way, fill out the form and select “sample request” from the Purpose dropdown.

This feels like one of those offers that could die in 5 minutes or 5 months, who knows. I certainly didn't wait to sign up and try my luck though 🙂

Free Arby’s Signature Sandwich with ANY Soft Drink Purchase

If you join Arby's email list, you'll get a coupon for a free signature sandwich with any soft drink purchase. So buy a small drink and you'll get a free sandwich. Make weird bird noises at the people sitting next to you, causing them to leave before finishing their fries, and you've practically got a free meal!

Don't let the title fool you either. No Arby's employee will sign their John Hancock on your sandwich without your explicit request. That'd be weird.

The free sandwich coupon expires 7 days after you sign up.

Joining their email list will also get you the Arby's birthday freebie! As of 2018, it was still a free small shake with any other purchase. I sometimes forget whether or not I've posted this offer (turns out I have!) Some might say I'm forgetful. To them I'd say … wait, what are we talking about again? Who the heck are you? WHERE AM I?!?!

Free Tea Samples

Free Tazo Tea

In order to snag this free Tazo tea sampler kit, you'll need to put on your best Food Distributor voice. As in, you'll need to say you work at some type of place that buys food. I said I work in “Business & Industry” because 1) HIF is a business and 2) I've always wanted to be a steel magnate.

The following samples come in this kit!

  • Tazo® Awake English Breakfast
  • Tazo® Passion Herbal Tea
  • Tazo® Organic Chai Tea
  • Tazo® Zen Green Tea

This is one of those freebies that is legit, but still might not come. It all depends on whether they actually filter through the requests. But we're in such a freebie drought and I figured some free tea might be what we need to wet our lips.

[Thanks to Hiffer Holly for sending this in!]

Three Free Bruegger's Bagels

Three Free Bruegger’s Bagels on Jan. 31

It's time for a delicious annual freebie! We've grown to expect an awesome freebie from Bruegger's in celebration of their birthday, but it's a tough act to follow. Year in and year out, my February 7th birthday always comes right after Bruegger's. I don't get it! Even on leap years.

Like clockwork, my friends will come over, we'll hang out, and before long people are asking where their three free Bruegger's bagels are. I think it's time I get some friends who don't know what my day job is.

In order to get your 3 free bagels, sign up in advance and you'll receive a coupon valid from open until 11am on 1/31/19. You can then print the coupon or present it in-store on your mobile phone and you'll snag some free bagels.

It's also worth pointing out Brugger's offers a great birthday freebie as well.

Free Snickers Bar

Free Snickers Bar

Facebook must have released some sort of new promotional chat system, because Snickers is now the second company using it this month to give away free Snickers candy bars!

In order to get yours, head over to this photo and click on the first “learn more” link. I had to come back and click the link a second time, but either way it should trigger an automatic conversation with a robot (which sounds like half of my first dates lately…) where the end result is you possibly scoring a coupon good for a free Snickers!

You'll get to pick from either a snail mail or printable coupon, which is way better than waiting 6 to 8 weeks for a melted Snickers to show up in your mailbox. True story. All my OG Hiffers out there can remember the early years of freebies!

Free Skittles candy coupon

Free Skittles

For today only, we can request a coupon for a free pack of Skittles.

To get your free Skittles candy, do the following:

  • Click the large, blue “Send Message” button on the right side. It's directly beneath the big Skittles logo.
  • Click “Get Started” in the pop up message.
  • Click “Trick Play!”
  • Click “Sign me up!”
  • Click “Yes” to check if any free Skittles remain.
  • If there are any, you can choose from “Instant coupon” or “Mail me a coupon.” It's totally up to you, but I went with mail.
  • Click “Get Your SKITTLES” and enter your mailing info.

Your free coupon should arrive in 4-5 weeks and will be valid for a single Skittles item, up to a maximum value of $1.20!

Good luck!

Free Hello Fresh Meals

Two HelloFresh Meals for $1!

HelloFresh is one of the many meal-delivery services out there and right now they have a promo code giving two full meals for two people for only $1 with free shipping to boot! Simply use code GETCOOKING and you should pay $0.96 total!

I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but something tells me this deal won't last long.

Make sure you pick 2 Recipes per week for 2 People in order to get this pricing.

HelloFresh is a subscription service! Read below on how to avoid any future charges!

If you only want to get your first two meals for $1 and nothing more, you'll need to login to your account and “skip” the next week's shipment. I personally skipped the next three weeks just to give myself a nice window.

After your free meals arrive (mine show up September 30!), you can then cancel your account!

Free Einstein Bros Bagel

Free Einstein Bros Bagel

Is it safe to assume if I get a free Einstein Bros bagel and shmear with any purchase, I'll become as smart as the titular reference? I could use the extra brainpower to figure out how in the world to fix my dishwasher. I first noticed a problem when I couldn't locate my refrigerator through the sea of bubbles.

If not, I'll settle for his crazy awesome hair.

This freebie is available Wednesday, August 15 only and should be redeemable via your phone. I'd personally download their free mobile app ahead of time since the press release says you have to “show a restaurant app” on your phone.

Don't forget you can also sign up for the Einstein Bros birthday freebie and get some free food every year!