Free Amazon Prime Membership for College Students

I don't subscribe to many membership clubs. Amazon Prime is the rare exception. I pay every year and actually enjoy doing so. That's how much I love Prime! But did you know that college students or anybody with an .edu email gets free Amazon Prime 2-day shipping perks on top of all the other Amazon Prime perks? The main draw of Prime has always been free two-day shipping on millions of products from Amazon (laughing at their oversized boxes is a nice bonus too!), but the shipping perk is quickly taking a backseat to the ever increasing trove of free streaming TV show, movies, and Kindle book rentals Amazon offers.

Image via Jason Grube
Image via Jason Grube

So how do you sign up? Easy.

  1. Click this free Amazon Prime membership to generate the college students link.
  2. Click the “Are you a student?” sentence in the lower right of the top box. Here's what to look for.
  3. Sign up.
  4. Enjoy 6 free months!

See? Told you it was easy.

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