HIF: Saving Fingers Since 2006

I love getting emails from readers. I might not respond to them in a timely fashion, but I read each and every one that comes across my screen and sometimes they are just too good not to share. Hiffer Carrie sent in this tale that I thought you all would enjoy.

On Tuesday, my 4 kids and I took a ride on the local ferry. We're from New Orleans, and it crosses back and forth on the Mississippi River. It's not something we normally do, but it was a cool adventure – and it's FREE!!! Anyway, just as we were docking, my 6 year old announces, “MY FINGER'S STUCK!!!” The chairs onboard are all those molded fiberglass 60's style, bolted-in-a-row things, with one small hole in the center of each seat. And yes, he really had it good and stuck in one. We tried and tried to wiggle it out to no avail. He was scared and crying and the ship was unloading and getting ready to head back across. I was about to panic when I remembered that in my purse was a FREE SAMPLE OF SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. I whipped it out, thought for a moment which side to choose, then coated his finger above and below in shampoo. Out it popped! So basically, you can consider your website a LIFESAVING RESOURCE!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

Sounds like something I would do! No, not thinking of using the shampoo to get a kid's finger unstuck, but getting my own finger stuck.

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  1. My kids are all still alive and kicking, thanks to your lifesaving website! And we’re still here getting our freebies. (And that 6 year old is 10 now!!!) ~Carrie from New Orleans

  2. Mary, clipboards with holes in the clip should be banned. My young son did the same thing. If only I’d thought of shampoo, I wouldn’t have had to cut the thing off his finger. Gosh, now we all have to carry emergency shampoo sachets around in our purses. Good thing we know where to get them.

  3. Wish I’d had a sample with me when I got my finger stuck in the top hole of a clipboard waaaay back in high school … not one of my brighter moves:).

  4. I had a similar experience with an Astroglide sample.

    Well, not exactly the same, but it did involve a ferry from New Orleans and a lot of wiggling.


  5. Great story! Thanks for sharing. And I really appreciate all your hard work, background checking, and posting! Even if I only use the shampoo to wash my hair–


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