Free Biotrue Contact Lens Solution

From 2010-2015, I found six different free Biotrue contact lens solution freebies. They don't really show up anymore, but there's still an official site offering the best Biotrue samples and offers I can find! It's usually in the $2-3 range, which is good enough to get a trial size product for free at most stores.

Old HIF Jokes

If you have a nearby Walmart that sell travel-sized Biotrue contact solution, then get this $2 coupon that will result in free Biotrue contact solution. I've never heard of this but I just saw a commercial on TV for it so it has to be legit.

Then again, anybody can run commercials now thanks to Google TV ads. Which reminds me – I need to make one for HIF! I'll be sure to let you know when to catch it at 5am on your local access channel.

The free Biotrue contact solution offer is back. You have to answer that you've never tried Biotrue before and then it should say you qualify for a sample. If it says you only get a coupon, then the offer has expired yet again. If it says you dance like a gerbil, then I think you ended up on the wrong site somehow.

Target is now offering free Biotrue contact lens solution and this might be my new favorite repeating freebie. I think I've run out of solution four times this year only to find a freebie in the back of my medicine cabinet. Exciting stuff, huh? The life I lead full of intrigue and excitement would make 10 year old Goob pleased.

This free Biotrue contact solution reminds me of how, as a child, I wanted nothing more than to live in a Biodome. Then the movie Bio-Dome came out. I wonder how many dreams that Pauly Shore movie squashed.

This offer constantly comes alive and then dies out. Click the β€œTry It” box then say you've never tried the contact solution. You'll either get a freebie or a $2 coupon.

When I heard last night that Target was offering free Biotrue contact lens solution, I said “who is that?! Who's there?! GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!”

Turns out it was just the wind. Living alone is a tad creepy.

I love the confirmation message. β€œDid you know that 9 out of 10 prefer Biotrue over their usual lens solution? People can’t stop talking about how great it makes their contact lenses feel.” Really? I've worn contacts since I was 13 years old and have spent a grand total of 24 seconds talking about my lens solution, all of which were spent on this post.

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