Free BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership

While the free membership deal is no longer available, BJ's is constantly offering their $55 membership for only $25!

My East coast Hiffers might be interested in a free 90-day BJ's Wholesale Club membership. You'll need to scroll down to the bottom right of their homepage, then click on the green box that says “get a free 3-month membership.” (Look for the image below) After filling out the form, you'll receive a confirmation email and can pick up your membership card at your local BJ's Member Service Desk.

I know I've got one of these fairly close to me, so I might stop in and check it out. At the very least, I could buy a 20-gallon jar of honey mustard that should last me until July. Oh, who am I kidding, June at the latest.

They only have stores in 15 states, so I wouldn't be surprised if some Hiffers don't find this useful. You know, when I open my own brick-and-mortar company one day, I'll build a store in every town in America! That way, anybody anywhere can visit one of my stores and participate in a freebie. I won't even bother with all of those nerdy things like “return on investments” or “profit margins.” Who cares about that stuff?!

*KAPERRRZ* A time machine suddenly appears, future Goob steps forth and punches current Goob in the face while muttering something about potential investors digging up this post in the future.

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  1. I live in the Merritt Island area, and this is what happened to our family too. The same store in Melbourne, and the same story when we tried to use a coupon. We were able to use it at a different location in Jacksonville.

  2. I just clicked the link and it went through for me. Jennie, you might want to try another browser.

    Jennifer, that does stink!

    Angela, sorry to hear about the hassle and hoops they made you jump through.

  3. I live in the Melbourne, FL area and received one of these passes/coupons in the mail. We are a member of Sam’s Club and have been for years, so we thought we’d redeem this coupon to compare Sam’s and BJ’s.

    First thing you have to do is go to customer service for the free 60-day pass — only they wouldn’t give it to us! Their reason: We didn’t bring in the addressed flyer that had our names and physical address on it. The flyer that had the coupon attached only said to bring in the coupon. We even asked the rep if this was so stated on the flyer that had the coupon, and she admitted that it did not, that this was something new they decided to do so they could track who was getting a free membership to make sure these coupons weren’t being abused.

    Our thought: if you get a membership, shouldn’t your address already be in their system? We argued this point, but they still wouldn’t give us our free membership. However, they did everything in their power to sell us an annual membership! In our eyes, this coupon was just a ploy to get us in the door so they could try to force us into a membership.

    Today my husband called the corporate office to complain. Needless to say, this policy was new to them and they were pissed! They have every intention of contacting the location we went to to reprimand them for what they did.

    So, if anybody tries to use this pass/coupon and that particular location won’t let you, contact corporate (which you can find on BJ’s website). This is bull and nothing more than a scam to get you in the door. We don’t know if we’ll get a chance to get the free membership or not in light of what we found out from corporate, but I can honestly say that right now I’m not pleased with BJ’s customer service.


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