Free Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners

The Carefree and Stayfree sample packs were really popular back in the day. They're not available at the moment, but I'll update this post when the next sample drops. While we wait for the next free tampon samples, here are some classic jokes from earlier giveaways. You can also print free Carefree coupons and free Stayfree coupons from their sites.

CVS is offering a free Carefree and Stayfree sample pack. What's the difference between the two? Well one cares about you being free while the other helps you stay free … of feral orangoutangs. And man-eating couches. They make no promises about insane chimney sweepers though.

Here's a new link for an old free Carefree Liners and Stayfree Pads offer. That generally means the freebie is available, as does an old link for a new freebie. An old link for an old freebie means it's expired but a new link for a new freebie is perfect! And if I ever explain something as simple as this again that means I didn't have anything witty to say so I decided to ramble and hope nobody noticed!

It's weird enough when I sign up for feminine freebies like these free Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular with Wings. But what am I supposed to do when they ask questions such as “Which of the following is your primary form of feminine protection?” or “The following best describes your use of pads…” That last question unfortunately didn't include an answer of “I set them on my dog's head and see how long she lets it stay.”

Warning: While signing up for this free Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight sample, do not start simultaneously humming Free Bird and Free Fallin' to yourself. They're great songs on their own, but they really don't go together. Plus this mashup doesn't help with my perpetual problem of remember what decade it is.

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