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I think after all of the cold medicine that I've had this weekend that I'm finally beating the sickness. I mean, sure, it was a three-day weekend from my day job, but man, with as many freebies as I've found? I feel like I've been working doubletime.

And then to find this free celebrity autographed pictures link? Oh man, I've just completed my weekend by ordering an awesome photo of Michael Dorn. What? Don't judge! You know that Worf was your favorite Klingon too!

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  1. You do realize the signatures were done with a machine and they can’t be certified.
    As a keepsake, it’s priceless!
    Peace & Purple Love,

  2. They are black and white pictures really, not like photos if they are the same ones from last yr. or so?? But, they are still pretty nice (if you frame them you probably couldn’t tell) I ordered one for my hubby as sort of a joke. It’s on the side of the fridge!!!

  3. “Thanks for your order! For those of you who only ordered a Free Photo, don’t worry, you will NOT BE CHARGED! It’s really Free!”
    It is working just fine now, I got one of each.

  4. It was working for me for a little while then it stopped. I hope it comes back up again. I would love to get Ashton Kutcher for my cousin and Hank Azaria for my fiance

  5. Okay, when the site is experiencing heavy traffic, it does not load. even when experiencing light traffic it has issues.

    If you want more than one, just go down the list and click for each one you want (or all of them, like I did), even if it has not recorded your first click. It will save every click you made!

    Then hit basket, and checkout.

    You can even order without an account! (If you are getting only the free ones)

  6. Server is overloaded at the moment. I started the process and then it froze up.

    Oh, and Adam….

    My favorite Klingon is Christopher Lloyd! πŸ˜›


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