Free Condoms by Mail or In-Person

Countless studies have shown that condoms are highly effective at reducing the risk of transmitting and contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The CDC agrees and also reminds us that condoms also decrease the risk of unplanned pregnancy, especially among younger adults.

Recent research reported that CDPs as structural interventions:

  • Increased condom use, condom acquisition, and condom carrying.
  • Promoted delayed sexual initiation or abstinence among youth.
  • Provided cost-effective and cost-saving outcomes on future medical care costs by preventing HIV infections.
  • Significantly affected condom use behaviors and helped reduce HIV/STD risk among a wide range of at-risk groups (i.e., youth, adults, commercial sex workers, high STD populations, and males).

However, some people find it difficult to secure free condoms, either because of their remote location, embarrassment, or uncertainty in where to get them.

So how can we stay sexually safe without spending lots of money? It turns out, many state governments are already trying to help out! Studies show that investment in local family planning can easily saved over $7 for every single dollar spent. Condoms are also extremely cost-effective, cheap to transport, and easy to both store and give away.

Thus, it shouldn't come as any surprise to learn that many states fund free condom programs! They're broken down into two main categories – free condoms in-person and free condoms mailed to your house. All of the mailed offers linked below include free shipping and promise to send your freebies in nondescript packaging.

Free Condoms for Everyone in Person

In most states (about 40-45), local health clinics give away free male barrier condoms to teens and anybody who makes around 150% of the poverty level. On top of that, about 35 to 40 states also send out hundreds of thousands of free condoms to participating agencies to give away to residents. You can't sign up for them individually, but they're provided free of charge at local community health centers and businesses.

And by “businesses,” I mean nondescript type places like bars and restaurants! Not all of the free condoms require walking into a clinic or health center.

In the early 2010s, a site called gained a lot of well-earned attention. Their mission was to give away one million free condoms each year by creating a database of all the local free condoms locations nationwide. It was a great resource for its time, but unfortunately I do not think it is up to date as of 2023. Luckily, I found better alternatives!

Free Condom Finder from CDC

Your first stop for local free condom resources should be this widget from the CDC above! It allows you to enter your zip code and find free medical clinics in your area that will offer free condoms with no questions asked or payment required. Seriously, this is such a great tool that I only recently discovered and I think more people should know about it!

After that, you can also check out this federal Health and Human Services male condom page. Halfway down, there's a “Find a family planning clinic” search box. This was the best search box I found that tapped into local option. It's not the only place you should search, but I think it has much better information than Condom Finder.

If you're a young woman between the ages of 18-29, I'd then make a quick stop at Bedsider and enter your zip code for “get birth control delivered.” Some states own HHS websites, like Illinois and Massachusetts, specifically say to check it.

The next guaranteed resource for free condoms is Planned Parenthood. They have a well-documented information page on condoms, along with a location finder. They have clinics across the country that offer free condoms to those who need them.

The final resource is Google! Allow me to explain all the ways how.

Free Condoms for Students

Almost every single university offers free condoms to their college students. It'd be impossible for me to list them all, but you can easily find your school's free condom locations by Googling “free condoms UNIVERSITY NAME”. Then substitute your school's name for “UNIVERSITY HERE” and viola!

Here's an example for University of Alabama free condoms. The first page listed should be the school's official and it links to this free condom page. We can see they offer free condoms at all residence halls and major student center!

You can do this for almost any college, university, or school and find ample free condoms. Even small, remote colleges in America typically offer a free condom program and have full details on their website.

Free Condoms by Mail

Beyond all 50 states, there are free condom programs in many cities and even local counties. I've included a few city examples below, along with links to each state's official program! I also highly suggest searching Google for “free condom” and your location. I've included an example link for each state below, but you should also search for your nearest large city and county no matter where you live. You'd be surprised how many locations offer free contraceptives!

Here are just a few examples of cities. I can't stress enough that you should search for your nearest major city, some of their mailing windows are quite large.

Free Condoms by State

Free Alabama CondomsNo central offer, but many cities and schools offer them!
Free Alaska CondomsTeens can request up to 20 free condoms online.
Free Arizona CondomsOne order per address, per month!
Free Arkansas CondomsArkansas is another rare state that specifically fails to mention giving away free condoms at their local health clinics. I would rely most on the federal HHS database.
Free California Condoms12 to 19 year olds can have them mailed to California addresses.
Free Colorado CondomsNo central request form, but many university and city programs are listed on Google.
Free Connecticut CondomsBe sure to check Google for Connecticut options. I found a state condom distribution policy but no official list of where.
Free Delaware Condoms
Free Florida CondomsOrange, Osceola, Lake, Seminole, Brevard, Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties only. There are far more on Google if you live elsewhere in Florida, just search!
Free Georgia CondomsFour different free condom package offers to receive by snail mail.
Free Hawaii CondomsAdditional options on Google.
Free Idaho CondomsMany college options easily found on Google.
Free Illinois CondomsIf you live in Chicago, there are tons of free options available to you, including mailed condoms!
Free Indiana CondomsIndiana is one of the few states not to really talk about condoms on their health department's website. The state has a few colleges offering free condoms, but I often found they were on pages 2 & 3 of Google!
Free Iowa CondomsHuge database of local dispensaries.
Free Kansas CondomsOrder form with multiple additional freebie options, like oral dams, female condoms, lubricant, and flavored condoms.
Free Kentucky CondomsLocations offering free condoms are marked with *
Free Louisiana Condoms10 state-run locations, but many more both schools and New Orleans are on Google.
Free Maine Condoms
Free Maryland CondomsGoogle for more options.
Free Massachusetts Condoms
Free Michigan CondomsSimply email them and ask for mailed freebies!
Free Minnesota CondomsMinnesota clearly offers free condoms, but are sparse on details where to get them!
Free Mississippi CondomsGet 20 Trojan condoms and 5 lubcribant packs mailed in discreet packaging.
Free Missouri CondomsThis covers North and Mid-Missouri. There are more for St. Louis and other cities on Google.
Free Montana CondomsCall ahead to make sure each place offers free condoms.
Free Nebraska CondomsOmaha has TONS of free condom locations too.
Free Nevada CondomsThree state-run locations at the bottom of the page.
Free New Hampshire Condoms
Free New Jersey CondomsI know it looks like it was built 20 years ago, but this is the current NJ government site for their family planning options!
Free New Mexico Condoms
Free New York CondomsThis site is for NYC, but NY state residents just need to search for their local county.
Free North Carolina CondomsTONS of free condom offers throughout the state, but no central ordering page.
Free North Dakota CondomsNorth Dakota's website has a section on how to properly use a male condom, but no mention of freebies. There are also hardly any university's listed on Google. I'd stick to HHS's search form.
Free Ohio CondomsFree condoms to state residents over the age of 16. You can place 1 order per person each month!
Free Oklahoma Condoms
Free Oregon CondomsThey'll send Oregon residents free condoms and lube.
Free Pennsylvania Condoms
Free Rhode Island Condoms
Free South Carolina Condoms
Free South Dakota CondomsI noticed multiple Sioux Falls offers on Google.
Free Tennessee CondomsTennessee residents will want to Google around, as the state is spread out and the offers are very regional.
Free Texas CondomsGet mailed 25 condoms and lube to mess with!
Free Utah Condoms
Free Vermont CondomsTheir family planning section seems to rely on Bedsider, but they also have this list.
Free Virginia Condoms
Free Washington D.C. CondomsAll you have to do is send an email and they'll mail you free condoms.
Free Washington CondomsA full map of Washington state locations.
Free West Virginia CondomsAnother sortable, searchable database of local options.
Free Wisconsin CondomsMany counties and towns offer them, but no central order page.
Free Wyoming CondomsWyoming rounds out the list with another at-home mailing option for free condoms!

Goofy, Old Condom Jokes

We've found a lot of free condom offers since starting HIF in 2005. All of the jokes below were used from legit freebies over the years. Brand name condoms come and go, so hopefully the resources above can help you find the free condoms you need today!

When filling out the form to obtain these seven free Maxpro condoms, did you notice that one of the questions asks if you buy 100+ condoms at a time? My question is – where can you buy a box of 100+ condoms? Can you imagine trying to be smooth while doing so? Even Casanova would have a hard time looking suave while paying for a pallet of condoms.

It's been over three years since I last posted these free Trojan condoms. Unfortunately something PG rated to say about them still eludes me.

I almost typed something about “being excited” to get these freebies, but then realized that could be construed in more ways than one.

*Wha…How…Oh boy. This could be a dangerous post for me. Okay Goob, pull yourself together and try to get through this as cleanly as possible.*

So, who wants a condom from Horny Goat?! *Good job, idiot! Way to be subtle and tasteful.*

Seriously, Horny Goat is a company. A beer company. Giving away condoms. It makes perfect sense! In order to get your free Horny Goat condom, enter the site and click “Where To Get Horny.” I always thought the answer to that question was “everywhere” but apparently there are now designated areas or something.

Here's an offer for free LifeStyles condoms for both people who enjoy safe sex and budding animal balloon artists.

Only one free Trojan condom? Fine, fine, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. What the heck is a gift horse anyways? Has anybody ever encountered one? The only gift I've ever received from a horse was a one-way ticket from his backside to the ground. What else could a horse possibly give away?

Well, I guess he could have 3,000 Greek warriors. You know, on second though, I'm happy with just the condom.

For some reason, these free Sensis condoms remind of me ninjas. I think it's because Sensis sounds like sensei, like Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And long story short, now I can't stop picturing ninjas having relations.

I always like it when a company spells their name in capital letters, as it makes me think it's an acronym for something. Let's see, ONE condoms…how about Optimal Naked Experience. Yep, that's gotta be it!

How does this free Durex magazine (with $25 worth of coupons) even exist? Somebody explain to me how a condom company has a magazine without A) only publishing one issue before running out of fresh stories or B) having it quickly turn into a full fledged adult magazine. In fact, I almost wish I was in charge of that little operation. I'd have a blast coming up with new stories and articles month in and out. Ryan Goob – Editor of Durex Condom Magazine

Oh man, would that not look amazing on a resume or what? I'm telling you, I was born for that job!

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I'm a nationally renowned freebie finder & sample vetter, which I never imagined I'd be doing while getting my Bachelor's Degree in History almost 20 years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy launching my own space program and disproving the Coriolis effect.