Free LEGO® Life Magazine Subscription

This free LEGO® Life magazine offer was first posted ten years ago and is still active to sign up today! Also I'm well into my 30s now and still love LEGOS.

Quick, name one toy cooler than LEGOS! ERRRNT, time's up, it was a trick question since there isn't a cooler toy!

LEGOS not only are timeless, but they are amazingly awesome when it comes to passing time and fostering creativity. I'm 35 and I still find myself constructing skyscrapers and spaceships probably a little more often than I should. I figure a free LEGO® magazine subscription will only help fuel my addiction, but I'm okay with that.

LEGO® Life Magazine is superfun for kids 5-9 years old. It's packed with comics, activities, posters and much more. All delivered right to your door 4 times a year, with no renewal or payment ever required.

You can signup here and you'll start receiving issues with the next mailing!

10 comments on “Free LEGO® Life Magazine Subscription”

  1. I’m in love with your site!
    Having JUST found it, I’m kinda bummed I hadn’t sooner. Ah well, I’ll be checking this daily from how on. Love getting things in the mail and love freebies so Freebies+Mail-sent= Happy me!

  2. It’s nice until you realize there’s no way to unsubscribe. I signed up when I was little for one free subscription of two years, and they haven’t stopped coming several years later. SO ANNOYING!

  3. well, I finally got to the sign up page, now it says that my child has to have his own email address to get the magazine-which he doesn’t-too much hassle!

  4. I just received the magazine last month and it was great. I just wish that it was quicker to come to my house. Anyway, love it and waiting for the next issue to arrive.

  5. OMG i have juts seen thi advertisment in my lego set and gladiator boinicle and i have noticed this before but never been intrested until now ong i really want one that is why tomorrow i will send the offer but i need 2 questions answered: 1. i need to know how longe the “freenes” lasts
    2.when the “freenes”runsout how much does it cost for an extra year?

  6. My kids have been getting these for YEARS! It’s an awesome magazine!
    We’ve signed up using the forms that come inside Lego boxes.
    They’ll ask you to *pay* for a second child’s subscription to the same address, but you can get around it by sending two separate requests… at least you can using the snail mail forms.


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