Free Vanity Fair Magazine Subscription

Free Vanity Fair Magazine Subscription

Today must be our luck day because we can sign up and get a free Vanity Fair magazine subscription! This time it's a 2-year subscription worth $10.

As with other Mercury Magazine freebies, the process is complete after you submit your address. You can safely ignore any of the “special offers” they show you afterwards.

While these make for an interesting read, don't sleep on this offer even if you're not interested in vanity nor fairs. There's plenty more you can do with your monthly issues. For instance, when combined with duct tape and some uninhibited imagination, the pages make a great pair of slippers and/or pirate hat!

Free US Weekly Subscription

Free US Weekly Magazine Subscription

Whoa, here's a new freebie that we haven't seen since 2016! You could say this free Us Weekly magazine subscription from Mercury Magazines is fairly rare. This is a free 2-year subscription that retails for $160(!!) 😲

So be sure to jump on it if you enjoy reading about famous people. Look, they go grocery shopping too! They're just like us! Now when and where do I pick up my own “Get out of jail free” card?

Update: I originally missed that this is a digital subscription, not a physical paper subscription. Thanks to reader Stacy for pointing that out!

Free Architectural Digest Magazine Subscription

Free Architectural Digest Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines is back with a new offer! This free Architectural Digest magazine subscription is perfect for people who love … eating buildings?

Each monthly issue lets you experience the distinctive visions of world-famous architects, innovative designers and sought-after decorators.

So they'll never interview me or showcase my apartment, got it.

Signing up for this today should get you 1 years worth of free issues, with your first magazine showing up in the mail within 8 weeks.

Free Paw Print Magazine Subscription

Free PawPrint Magazine Subscription used to give away a steady stream of freebies and it's nice to see them get back into the game with this free PawPrint magazine subscription! So what are we getting here?

Do you have a special pet in your life that you love more like a family member? Then you'll love all the fun ideas and bonding tips in our PawPrint magazine! Let us know about your four-legged friend below and your mailing information and we'll add you to our list to receive future issues of the magazine ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Oh, I definitely have a special pet in my life. They're both especially moronic and I love them so very much.

Free LEGO Club Magazine

Free LEGO® Life Magazine Subscription

This free LEGO® Life magazine offer was first posted twelve years ago and is once again accepting new readers to sign up today! Also I'm well into midlife and still love LEGOS.

Quick, name one toy cooler than LEGOS! ERRRNT, time's up, it was a trick question since there isn't a cooler toy!

LEGOS not only are timeless, but they are amazingly awesome when it comes to fostering creativity. I'm in my 40s and I still find myself constructing skyscrapers and spaceships probably a little more often than I should. I figure a free LEGO® magazine subscription will only help fuel my addiction, but I'm okay with that.

LEGO® Life Magazine is super fun for kids 5-9 years old. It's packed with comics, activities, posters and much more. All issues are delivered right to your door 4 times a year, with no renewal or payment ever required.

You can signup here and you'll start receiving issues with the next mailing! You can also download previous issues from their archive, giving you access to hundreds of cool stories & LEGO builds.

Free Vogue Magazine Subscription

Free Vogue Magazine Subscription

I come bearing the gift of dead trees! Wait, that doesn't sound appealing. Let me try that again.

Who wants some free magazines? Ah, much better. Today Mercury Magazines is offering free 2-year Vogue magazine subscriptions worth $20.

As with all the other Mercury Magazine freebies, you're finished once you submit your address. You can skip all the “bonus” offers shown beyond that.

Free Real Simple Magazine Subscription

Free 1-Year Real Simple Magazine Subscription

It's been almost five years since I found a working signup form for a free Real Simple magazine subscription. Well I guess we've got to reset the timer, because look what I just found! bPerx is offering 12 issues for free and, depending on your demographics, they might have additional magazines for you as well.

It's real simple to request Real Simple. You simply really answer their really simple questions and start receiving your Real Simple magazines in six to eight real weeks.

So simple!

Don't forget bPerx has also partnered with Sampler to send select users free sample boxes with trial-sized products.

Free Bon Appetit Magazine Subscription

Get a Free 1-Year Bon Appetit Magazine Subscription

I'm loving these magazine offers that Mercury Magazine keeps cooking up. Today we get a 1-year complimentary Bon Appetit magazine subscription! Or Appétit, if we're being technical. But definitely not ape tit, as “Burt Reynolds” thought on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy 😀

This 1-year subscription has a $10 value. Once you submit your mailing address, you can exit out and ignore any additional “offers” presented.

If you don't know what to say on the profession questions, you can always select these basic responses! 1-4 / Other Industries / Homemaker / Other Function / None / None

Mercury Magazine Job Answers

I've used those answers for years without any problems.

24 Digital Issues of Better Homes & Gardens plus Additional Magazine

16 Possible Digital & Physical Magazine Subscriptions

bPerx is a new company that's offering 24 digital issues of Better Homes & Garden plus an additional complimentary magazine offer of your choice. Once I filled out my mailing address, I was offered these magazines to pick from:

  • Allrecipes (5 issues)
  • Bridal Guide (6 issues)
  • ELLE (10 issues)
  • Essence Digital (12 issues)
  • Food Network – Digital (6 issues)
  • Good Housekeeping – Digital (6 issues)
  • Harper's Bazaar (10 issues)
  • House Beautiful – Digital (6 issues)
  • Midwest Living – Digital (8 issues)
  • Real Simple (12 issues)
  • Real Simple – Digital (24 issues)
  • Southern Living – Digital (26 issues)
  • Town & Country – Digital (9 issues)
  • Vanity Fair (12 issues)
  • Vogue (10 issues)
  • Women's Health – Digital (6 issues)

This offer is available until 4/6/2024 to everybody in the US except for Minnesota residents. Don't ask me what they have against The North Star state though! Maybe a lake once stole their lunch money in 2nd grade?

Free OUT Magazine Subcription

Free OUT Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines is back with another new freebie in the form of this free Out magazine subscription.

Drawing on a rich pool of creative and literary talent, OUT defines and articulates the contribution of gay men and women to the culture. OUT features well-rounded gay and lesbian perspectives on style, entertainment, travel, fashion, arts, politics, culture, music, film, celebrities and the world at large. Get OUT today to discover what's in.

This is a two-year subscription, which is awesome for a freebie, and retails for $10.

Free Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription

Free Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription

Finally! This free Garden & Gun magazine subscription from Mercury Mags is a publication for us green thumbed firearm enthusiasts. I've been burying loose bullets all over my yard for years now, but not a single rifle tree has sprouted.

If you've ever been outside and thought to yourself “gee, I sure would love to shoot this flower,” then this free magazine is just for you. This freebie is a 1-year offer worth $10 and it's available through November 26 or while supplies last. After signing up, your first issue should arrive within 6-8 weeks.

And remember, you can exit out of the “bonus offers” after submitting your mailing address.