Free Entertainment Weekly Subscription

Free Entertainment Weekly Subscription

eMags has a fairly rare free Entertainment Weekly subscription available right now. This freebie is for a two year, 44-issue print subscription with no bills whatsoever.

For some reason my brain saw the image above and immediately thought “When Han Met Sally” and now I can't stop imagining Billy Crystal in space.

Free CBS Watch Magazine Subscription

Free CBS Watch Magazine Subscription

I take it that this free CBS Watch magazine subscription is like TV Guide but limited to CBS shows only? At this rate, each show will have their own magazine by next year. Half the Amazon will be cut down just to produce all of the CSI editions alone.

At any rate, you can signup here to get a free subscription! Once submitting your address, you can also view / read a digital version of their April issue.

Free Harper's Bazaar Magazine Subscription

Free Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Subscription

Every time I see this free Harper's Bazaar magazine subscription, I imagine it's a magazine with famous celebrities walking around middle eastern markets and haggling for prices. I'd actually read that.

After you submit your mailing address, you'll be redirected to a “Special Offers” page with a bunch on BS on it. Just press continue on that page without checking any of the boxes.

free hgtv magazine subscription

Free HGTV Magazine Subscription

It's fairly rare for me to find a brand new, never before seen free magazine subscription. But that's exactly what we have today in the form of a free HGTV magazine subscription.

This has fluctuated between a free year and a free digital issue recently. I just looked through the archives and I've posted 37 Mercury Magazine freebies over the past year. So if free magazines are your jam, you might as well go ahead and sign up today! Get the demo questions out of the way, then the instant the yearly offer pops back up, you can snag it.

I move around so much, it's hard for me to make a true home. I've never been much of a garden guy either. But I've got a TV! So that's 1 out of 3, eh, I'm sure that's enough for me to enjoy this freebie.

Free Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Subscription

Free Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Subscription

Whoa, it's been a few years since I found a free Better Homes & Garden magazine subscription! I call bologna on this offer though. No matter how many issues I throw an old issue against the wall, they never seem to better my home. In fact, they make it look like I just throw trash everywhere. And when's the garden supposed to start growing out of them?!

Make sure you skip all the non-magazine offers after submitting your mailing address. You can close the browser once you reach this page.

Free Women's Health Magazine Subscription

Free Women’s Health Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines has a new free Women's Health magazine subscription offer. They don't explicitly say this freebie is for women only, but I decided to go undercover just to be safe. If anyone asks, I'm Goobina and this dress looks fantastic on me. 🀫

Remember, your freebie is complete after submitting your address. Any offers after that can be ignored.

These freebies tend to go fast!

Free Architectural Digest Magazine Subscription

Free Architectural Digest Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines is back with a new offer! This free Architectural Digest magazine subscription is perfect for people who love … eating buildings?

Each monthly issue lets you experience the distinctive visions of world-famous architects, innovative designers and sought-after decorators.

So they'll never interview me or showcase my apartment, got it.

Free Vanity Fair Magazine Subscription

Free Vanity Fair Magazine Subscription

I'm always blown away whenever I find a new, first-time free magazine subscription these days. Magazine freebies have been a staple of HIF since I started 15 years ago, so it's incredibly rare to find an offer never before seen on HIF.

With that said, today must be our luck day because we can sign up right now and get a free Vanity Fair magazine subscription!

As with other Mercury Magazine freebies, the process is complete after you submit your address. You can safely ignore any of the “special offers” they show you afterwards.

Free Esquire Magazine Subscription

Free Esquire Magazine Subscription

I almost feel bad requesting offers like this free 2-year subscription to Esquire magazine. A forest equal in size to Connecticut has probably been razed thanks to all the free magazines I've posted to HIF over the past 15 years.

That's why I propose we all give something back to Mother Nature. I know it's a bit unorthodox, but I buried old Esquire editions in my backyard so they'll one day sprout into new trees. Recycle, reduce, and reuse just wasn't enough for me. Isn't the circle of life wonderful?!

After you submit your address, you're presented with “special offers” that you can safely ignore. I exit out of the page every time and still get my free magazines.