Free Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription

Free Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription

Finally! This free Garden & Gun magazine subscription from Mercury Mags is a publication for us green thumbed firearm enthusiasts. I've been burying loose bullets all over my yard for years now, but not a single rifle tree has sprouted.

This freebie is a 2-year offer worth $20. And remember, you can exit out of the “bonus offers” after submitting your mailing address.

Free LEGO Club Magazine

Free LEGO® Life Magazine Subscription

This free LEGO® Life magazine offer was first posted ten years ago and is still active to sign up today! Also I'm well into my 30s now and still love LEGOS.

Quick, name one toy cooler than LEGOS! ERRRNT, time's up, it was a trick question since there isn't a cooler toy!

LEGOS not only are timeless, but they are amazingly awesome when it comes to passing time and fostering creativity. I'm 35 and I still find myself constructing skyscrapers and spaceships probably a little more often than I should. I figure a free LEGO® magazine subscription will only help fuel my addiction, but I'm okay with that.

LEGO® Life Magazine is superfun for kids 5-9 years old. It's packed with comics, activities, posters and much more. All delivered right to your door 4 times a year, with no renewal or payment ever required.

You can signup here and you'll start receiving issues with the next mailing!

Free Red Bulletin Magazine Subscription

This free Red Bulletin magazine subscription available now from MercuryMags is a freebie we haven't seen since 2017! It's nice to see color-based publications making a comeback.

According to Wikipedia, they “feature breathtaking sports, culture, music, nightlife, entrepreneurship and lifestyle stories.” Awesome! I lose my breath merely thinking about doing half those activities, this has to be right up my alley.

*thinks about going outside tonight, starts hyperventilating*

This is a one-year subscription and your first issue should arrive within 8 weeks.

Free Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription

Claim Your Gift of a 2-Year Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription!

Fun fact. According to my Google image search for this 2-year complimentary Cosmopolitan magazine subscription, the writers and editors over at Cosmo know of at least 48 bajillion sex moves that us peons are unaccustomed with. I'm just as much a red blooded male as the next guy and even I think they might have a problem. Somebody get these people into rehab or something.

As with other Mercury Magazines offers, you only have to answer six short questions about your profession before submitting your mailing address. You can skip any subsequent offers by clicking “No Thanks” at the bottom and you never have to give out your credit card or payment info whatsoever.

This offer is valid through December 31 or until supplies expire.

Free Vogue Magazine Subscription

Free Vogue Magazine Subscription

I come bearing the gift of dead trees! Wait, that doesn't sound appealing. Let me try that again.

Who wants some free magazines? Ah, much better. Today Mercury Magazines is offering free 2-year Vogue magazine subscriptions. The last time I found this freebie was back in 2019, so this is a rare offer!

As with all the other Mercury Magazine freebies, you're finished once you submit your address. You can skip all the “bonus” offers shown beyond that.

Free Outside Magazine Subscription

Free Outside Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines has a new free Outside magazine subscription offer available.


Very funny, Mercury Magazines. Give us a freebie completely centered around something we can't experience. Outside. What even is “outside” anymore? I don't believe it ever existed in the first place!

After filling in the job fields, Mercury Magazine will show you the freebie stock. My “job function” also changes each time I get a Mercury Magazine freebie. My new occupation is whatever I can click the fastest 😀

Then, once you submit your address, the signup process is complete. Any “bonus” offers shown after can be totally ignored.

Free Vanity Fair Magazine Subscription

Free Vanity Fair Magazine Subscription

I'm always blown away whenever I find a new, first-time free magazine subscription these days. Magazine freebies have been a staple of HIF since I started 15 years ago, so it's incredibly rare to find an offer never before seen on HIF.

With that said, today must be our luck day because we can sign up right now and get a free Vanity Fair magazine subscription!

As with other Mercury Magazine freebies, the process is complete after you submit your address. You can safely ignore any of the “special offers” they show you afterwards.

Free Allure Magazine Subscription

Free Allure Magazine Subscription

Here's a new limited time offer from Mercury Magazines for a complimentary 1-year Allure magazine subscription. This offer is perfect for those looking to brush up on their fishing equipment knowledge. I believe each page contains a single photo and you to decide whether it's a lure or not.

As with other Mercury Magazine offers, you simply need to answer six short questions about your profession before submitting your mailing address. After that, you're all set! No credit card or payment is ever required whatsoever. Any offers after the address portion can are purely optional and are not required in order to get the complimentary subscription.

GQ Magazine Subscription Gift

Claim Your Gift: Get a 1-Year Subscription to GQ Magazine

Mercury Magazines is back with another gift of a 1-year GQ magazine subscription!

As with other Mercury Magazine offers, you simply need to answer six short questions about your profession before submitting your mailing address. After that, you're all set! No credit card or payment is ever required whatsoever. Any offers after the address portion can are purely optional and are not required in order to get the complimentary subscription.

Free Esquire Magazine Subscription

Claim Your Gift of a 2-Year Esquire Magazine Subscription!

Mercury Magazines has a returning offer of a 2-year complimentary Esquire magazine subscription! A forest equal in size to Connecticut has probably been razed thanks to all the free magazines I've posted to HIF over the past 15 years.

That's why I propose we all give something back to Mother Nature. I know it's a bit unorthodox, but I buried old Esquire editions in my backyard so they'll one day sprout into new trees. Recycle, reduce, and reuse just wasn't enough for me. Isn't the circle of life wonderful?!

As with other Mercury Magazines offers, you only have to answer six short questions about your profession before submitting your mailing address. You can skip any subsequent offers by clicking “No Thanks” at the bottom and you never have to give out your credit card or payment info whatsoever.

This offer is valid through September 30 or until supplies expire.

Free Magazine Subscriptions

How to Get Hundreds of Free Magazine Subscriptions!

If you want to stop paying money on magazine subscriptions, then this page is for you! Just be careful – not only will you save money, but you might also get so many free magazines that you'll lose every inch of kitchen counter and table space 😀

Below is an auto-updated list of every current free magazine offer we've found, sorted with newest offers at the top.

The date shown after each title is when we most recently confirmed the availability.

Current Free Magazines

You can also browse our free magazine archive. This includes both active offers along with expired offers so you can get a feel for the types of freebies typically offered throughout the year.

How to Get Free Magazines

It's amazingly simple. All you need in order to get magazines for free is:

  • A mailing address

That's it!

You will never need a credit card number or any payment information. Do not fill out any form that asks for any type of payment for a free magazine!

The selection of titles and number of magazines will change each month. Most offers are for either a free one-year or two-year subscription.

Why do companies give away free magazines?

That has an easy answer – they want your contact information so they can resell it to marketers and advertisers!

Haha, there's just no way to sugarcoat it.

Many times a single brand will sponsor a free offer by purchasing a huge amount of subscriptions to give away, like 50,000. In exchange, they'll receive a copy of the survey results and contact information of everybody who gets the freebie.

So how do you get around this? I'm glad you asked – don't give real personal information!

Can I use fake info to get free subscriptions?

Absolutely! In fact, if anybody asks, my name is Mr. Snrub. No, seriously, I always sign up with the fake name Montgomery Snrub! 😎 And it's fine – the USPS delivers my magazines each month addressed to Mr. Snrub!

On top of that, I always give fake answers about my age and occupation. There's no law saying you have to be honest on the Internet!

For emails, we always suggest using a free email address just for these type of freebie offers.

You just want to make sure to give your actual mailing address so they know where to deliver the magazine issues each month!

Are these magazines actually free?

💯 Yes! I know it seems too good to be true, but these offers are legit for all the reasons I explained above.

Remember, you will NEVER need to provide a credit card or payment whatsoever. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

If you somehow reach a page asking for your payment information, even for just a single dollar, then you have mistakenly clicked on a wrong link somewhere and should exit the page immediately.

Will I ever get a bill?

NO! You will never get a bill for your free subscription.

Some magazines will send you a renewal request that looks like a bill, but if you look carefully there will always be fine print text that says “this is not a bill.”

Seriously, I've been running this website since 2005 and have received hundreds of free subscriptions over the years. Not once have I ever received a bill.

Can I get free magazines if I already have a paid subscription?

Absolutely! Free subscriptions actually stack on top of each other! So if you already pay for a magazine, you can “add” additional years to the end of your subscription for free.

Let's say you bought a one year subscription to People magazine and have three months remaining before it expires. If you signed up for a free subscription today, it would start the month after your paid subscription ends. You would then have your three remaining months plus the next 12 months for free, giving you a total of 15 additional months.

There's no limit on these either. Most magazines are offered for free multiple times each year, so you can keep stacking the subscriptions on top of each other and continue getting your favorite magazines for free!

Is there a limit to how many free magazines I can get?

Not that I've ever found! It would be impossible for me to literally count the number of magazines I've got since I started this site over 16 years ago. I've never once encountered any sort of limit!

What can I do with all these free magazines?

Aside from reading them yourself, you could send them to a friend or family member as a present.

You could also donate them to a local library, school, doctor's office, or business. It's always nice to have new reading material in a waiting room.

Do I have to send the magazines to my house?

Nope! You can send them to your office or wherever else you want. Literally any valid USPS mailing address will work.

This also means it's super easy to sign up a friend or family member for a free sub. It's like getting them a gift all year long that you don't have to pay for!

Where can I get digital magazines?

For digital magazines, check out Mercury Magazines and Valuemags listed below.

Companies That Offer Free Subscriptions

What are some websites where I can access free magazines and ebooks to read online?

You can get enough reading material to last for hours every week and still have plenty leftover to donate, use for art projects, or burn in the backyard for impromptu s'mores.

Mercury Magazines

Mercury Magazines are the irrefutable king of magazine freebies and it's not even close. They don't have a central list of available publications on their site, but instead they release roughly 10 to 20 new offers each month, one at a time. You never need a credit card or payment info whatsoever.

When requesting a freebie from MM, you'll always have to answer three simple occupation-related questions. Then, you'll submit your mailing address and that's it!

You can skip all of the subsequent “special offers” by clicking “No Thanks” at the bottom of the page. After you decline all the “bonuses”, you'll eventually reach a confirmation page for your free subscription. However, you don't actually have to load this confirmation page. I always exit out of the browser immediately after submitting my address!

If you don't want to answer the profession questions, then select these basic responses! 1-4 / Other Industries / Homemaker / Other Function / None / None

Mercury Magazine Job Answers

I've used those answers for years without any problems.

Here are some of the top available Mercury Magazines offer:


RewardSurvey updates their free title selection on a monthly rotation, like clockwork. In fact, we keep a running list of all monthly RewardSuvery freebies here! The beauty of RewardSurvey is they rotate some high-value magazines, like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Time, and Wired.

One difference with RewardSurvey is they require you to spend “reward points” to redeem magazines. However, these are easily earned by taking short – and random! – quizzes. Seriously, my two most recent quizzes were on my choice of travel methods and my choice in peanut butter flavors.

These surveys only take about 3-5 minutes to complete and then you can immediately redeem the points for freebies.

Free Trade Publications, Books, & Magazines

One of the most long standing sections of HIF is our free trade publications area. You've probably never heard of most of these. I sure know I haven't. But since they're insanely specific to certain jobs or professionals, I'll sometimes run across computer or website magazines that I sign up for. Seriously, they have an insanely massive list of free magazines up for grabs.

Give the “topics” list a glance to see if there are any you might find useful!


It couldn't be easier to earn RecycleBank points. You can rack up enough for a free magazine subscription in under 10 minutes! We have a detailed guide on all the free RecycleBank points methods here.

One of the best aspects of Recyclebank is that you can see what's being offered without signing up. Their rewards page for magazines has a whopping 41 free magazines right now!

Valuemags routinely offers free magazine subscriptions as well. They typically have 5-15 offers available, with new publications rotating in every month or two.

One nice perk with Valuemags is that they'll email you confirmation of your free magazine subscriptions!

If there are any current Valuemag offers, they'll be listed here:

RewardsGold – Closed

Started in 2005, RewardsGold and their sister site RewardsCountry were the premier sites to get free magazine subscriptions. However, in December 2018, both sites went offline for an overhaul. If and when either site returns, I'll post a full list here.

Now please don't sign up for all of these unless you want to give your mail carrier a hernia. 🙂