Free McDonald’s Coupons & Food

You might be interested to know that McDonald's app for iOs or Android has a ton of coupons available and they cycle new ones in regularly. I had the following offers, most of which expired in 5-10 days:

  • Free sandwich with first app purchase
  • BOGO free sandwich
  • BOGO free breakfast sandwich
  • $2 off any purchase of $10 or more
  • Free medium fries and soft drink with signature crafted sandwich purchase
  • BOGO large McCafe lemonade
  • Free medium McCafe or regular McFlurry with any purchase

After downloading the app, you'll need to make an account then select your local McDonald's. The Deals section will then update with all your local coupons available.

I don't have a good joke for this, but this made me remember the time my best friend and I walked two miles just to buy a 20 piece McNugget once. Man, 14 year olds are so stupid.

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6 comments on “Free McDonald’s Coupons & Food”

  1. In certain areas, you will get even better coupons also. For us in Michigan, the day after the Detroit Tigers score 6 runs or more, you get a completely free 6 piece nugget, no other purchase required. The standard “participating locations” qualifier is used, but from what I’ve experienced, most of them around Michigan participate.

    • Oh wow, that’s awesome! Too bad NYC McDonald’s don’t offer something like that, I’d love to snag free McNuggets. Then again, the Mets stink, so it probably wouldn’t happen often πŸ˜€

      • So u walked 2 miles for some nuggets doesnt matter the age and dont make anyone stupid i walked 5 miles for 5 donuts because was only way i was goin to be able to eat at all dont appreciate how you worded that in your story.

  2. But that’s the joy of being 14 and hanging with a friend. Being stupid together. How many of us were inventing String Theory at 14? Life was simple then.


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