Free Skip the Straw Sticker

It must be Sticker Hour, because I've found yet another free Skip the Straw sticker. These are being given away by a coalition of Florida businesses, like the Florida Aquarium and That's So Tampa, which is the preferred travel destination for Raven.

3 comments on “Free Skip the Straw Sticker”

  1. Hey Goob, it looks like this offer is only valid for Florida businesses. It states β€œyour business name will be added to our site.” I didn’t request a sticker because I am in Illinois and although I vacation in Florida almost every year, I didn’t want to create a fake business to get the sticker because, IMO, that would take away from the great businesses that ARE joining this program and doing such great work.

    Thanks for all your hard work on HIF and stay safe and well.


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