Webull’s Free Stock – Each Freebie Valued up to $250 πŸ€‘

You have a few days left to get your freebies of one free share of stock just for opening an account. This great offer is worth at least $2.50 and could be valued up to $250! In addition, if you make an initial deposit of $100, you get another free stock valued between $8 and $1600!

If you haven't created a Webull account yet, I'd be sure to snag your free stock shares while you still can! This promo ends 3/1/21.

You may remember Robinhood's awesome free stock promotion where you received a free share of stock that could be worth up to $200. A few Hiffers even got the mega-expensive stock shares for free and were able to cash out within weeks!

Well, you know what they say about success, imitation, and flattery. Enter Webull Financial!

They saw Robinhood blasting off to the moon and thought “hmmm, we could do that too.” But what's a good way to differentiate themselves? Oh, I know, offer free stock shares that could be worth up to $250! πŸ€‘

What's Webull

If you've never heard of Webull, you're not alone because they're a relatively new company based out of New York City. Just like Robinhood, Webull is a registered broker dealer with the SEC and a member of FINRA and SIPC.

Their main goal is to bring free stock trading to the masses. Gone are the days of paying a $7 commission just to buy or sell stock.

This means you get unlimited free trades, with no minimum balance, along with a boatload of investment and research charts, information, and news – something I found lacking from Robinhood.

So how do they make money while offering free trades? By having a lot of customers! Webull makes tiny amounts of money on cash balances, interest, and premium memberships, so they don't charge crazy-high fees just for selling stock.

Obviously, Webull hopes we become lifelong members. But for our intents and purpose, we just want that sweet, sweet free share of stock!

Get your free share of stock now!

The odds of specific stock allocation is implied as follows:

  • Stock worth $2-$10 per share are awarded approximately 1:1.1
  • Stock worth $10-$20 per share are awarded approximately 1:24
  • Stock worth $50-$100 per share are awarded approximately 1:200
  • Stock worth $150-$200 per share are awarded approximately 1:333
  • Stock worth over $200 per share range are awarded approximately 1:1,000

Get your Free Stock

Guide for Free Webull Stock

To get your free share of stock, you need to do the following easy steps within 24 hours! If you take longer than 24 hours to sign up, you won't get your free share!

  1. Signup here to open a new brokerage account.
  2. Upon registering, follow the prompt to download the Webull app for your iPhone or Android.
  3. Wait for your account to be approved. Mine took around an hour, but I've seen some people take up to a full day.
  4. Open the app, click the left menu, and then click “My Free Stock.”
  5. Once your account is approved, you'll see a “CONGRATULATIONS!” message with a giant “GET” button next to it.
  6. Click it and claim your potentially valuable free share!

From the same screen, you can invite any friends and family to Webull for even more free shares.

When I signed up, I scored a free share of ABEV, the parent company of Anheuser-Busch. It was valued at $4.49 but has since dropped like a rock, haha. Hopefully people keep drinking and drive the price back up. πŸ˜‚

Get up to $1,000 free today!

What to do with your Free Stock

How to Get Free Stock from Webull

Your stock will be credited to your account within 10 business days. After that, you can do whatever you want with it! You can sell it for cash, keep it for an investment, or even transfer it to Robinhood if you prefer that app. You can also transfer your no-cost Robinhood stock over to Webull if you like this app better.

Please share in the comments what free stock you received – 🀞 it's something good!

25 comments on “Webull’s Free Stock – Each Freebie Valued up to $250 πŸ€‘”

  1. They both worked for me! On Webull I got $3.50 in CX and on Robinhood I got $3.86 in OPKO. I’ve never heard of either of them but it’s still exciting!

    • I tried Robinhood with no luck and I tried this and it said “deposit $100 for free stock” but it won’t let me log in. I’m gonna delete it all

  2. I tried this one now and I got the open a account thing where you needed to put in 100 dollar account for a free stock. So Yeah I considered this to be a bust its very confusing to so.

    • Darn, thanks for the heads up! I just checked my Webull and see they’ve pulled the offer for free stock just by signing up.

  3. I got the same as Beth and Samantha. It wanted me to apply, which meant giving out a ton of info and stuff I didn’t even know how to answer (plus picture of DL?!) then it said I had to deposit money to get a free stock. Ummm nope!

    • I believe you still get a free stock! Webull is running multiple promotions right now, one being free stock for new accounts and another being free stock for depositing money. You should be able to get the new user stock without depositing any money.

      When you open the app, click on Menu in the lower. Do you see a silver “MY FREE STOCK” image near the top now?

  4. I got the same thing as Beth. I didn’t have to give a SSN or anything. I signed up with my email address, got a verification code in my email, got the app, and the only way to get the stock is to deposit money.

  5. I tried to get free stock by signing up through your link, I got “Congratulations! You have successfully signed up. Open account now to get free stock. Download app.”After downloading app I was told to deposit $100 to get stock. Customer support said the same even though I forwarded a screen image of the above and said this was through referral link(also included). Was told for $100 I’d get a stock. Scam

  6. This site triggered a phishing alert from my computer’s security. I can’t even get into it due to my protections. PLEASE be careful with this site, everyone!!

      • I use Avast. When I followed the link to the site my computer emitted a loud alert and Avast locked down the webpage. I couldn’t visit it if I wanted to. Which is actually why I have Avast. It protects me from myself. But anyway, y’all just be careful!

        • I also use avast and just tried it and got the alert. It’s due to the link being a referral. If you go directly to the webull website, you won’t get the alert. It just thinks the referral link is phishing.

    • I think you need to go through a referral link, but I’m not 100%. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’ve already done so, are you offered a free stock under “My Free Sock”?

    • I totally understand that.

      Just to clarify, the reason you have to give your SSN# is because they have to confirm your identity due to the Patriot Act. They use your social security number (similar to how tobacco freebies do!) using bank-level SSL and 128-bit encryption.

      However, like I said, I get not wanting to give that info out!


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