Haha, I Love My Family

So this isn't a freebie, whatever, but I had a series of stupid, annoying things happen today and then out of the blue my sister sent me this video.

Hahahahaha. Oh man. As you can see, there are multiple apples that didn't fall far from the Goob Family Tree.

28 comments on “Haha, I Love My Family”

  1. Ahh… your sister loves you much! Happy Birthday Ryan! (did you tell her she sort of resembles the alien… LOL.. just joking!)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it was great!
    This post gave me the idea to youtube happy birthday to other names since I’ve got a few family birthdays coming up! The search results were so funny!

  3. Happy Birthday to you. 2nd part was great I just interjected my name into birthday song, my birthday was yesterday, thanks sharing your card.


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