Free H.E.R.L. Sticker Sheet

Enter promo code FREEHERLSTICKER at checkout and you'll get a free H.E.R.L. sticker sheet sent to your house. This 6×4 sticker sheet included two separate stickers. One of their HEY Email Research Lab logo, and another of their Email a Dumpster Fire experiment.

Ahhh… dumpster fire what now?

I had to Google their email a dumpster fire experiment – apparently it's a real thing!

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with whatever you want to torch. Use plain text or an image attachment. PG-13 rules apply.
  2. Watch on the live feed as your message is created, conveyed, and then dropped into the rolling flames.
  3. Experience catharsis.

Hahahaha bravo.

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