Jamba Juice Birthday Freebie

Jamba Juice Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer Free juice or smoothie if you've spent $15 over the past year.
Today's Freebie $3 off
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🎂 Don't miss all the free stuff on your birthday available each year!

The Jamba Juice birthday freebie is one sixteen size smoothie for $2 now an actual free juice or smoothie! So…is that good?

It sure is! Now I don't have to spend precious brain power trying to figure out if “one sixteen size” refers to ounces or gallons AND I end up with a free drink. That's a win-win in my book.

While we're on the topic, can somebody please tell me what in the world a “jamba” is and why should I be drinking its juice?

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  1. Do you have to sign up again for the new birthday offer? After getting the discounted smoothie for several years, nothing came last month. I have managed eight free birthday meals, six from your list of birthday freebies with one more to go next week, along with with some other odds and ends like drinks, ice cream, and a donut (I mean, a doughnut) . Thanks, Goob.

    • Usually you only need to sign up again whenever the restaurant changes their backend platform (ie when they go from emailing birthday coupons to using a mobile app)

  2. Just used a eClub coupon to get a 12-oz smoothie for $2. Regular price of a 12-oz was $3.89. So a 16-oz is probably about $1 more. So, it’s not free, but $2 is a pretty good deal.


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