Ponderosa & Bonanza Birthday Freebie

Ponderosa Birthday Freebie
Birthday Offer $5 off any dine-in food purchase
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Talk about knowing the way straight to my heart. Nothing beats a free steak dinner as part of Ponderosa Steakhouse's birthday freebie. Then again I'm easy like that.

Bonanza steakhouse is part of the same company. They offer the same signup and birthday freebies, so if you have one of them nearby instead, be sure to join.

13 comments on “Ponderosa & Bonanza Birthday Freebie”

  1. It says not all their restaurants participate in this offer. So if you don’t see your state/location on the list, that’s why.

  2. I think your website stinks! Go to signup and it doesnt have a location for anything in Ohio! or a lot of states Might as well take it off online I might even take it off my resturant places I visit!!!!!!!!! Greta


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