Redbox Explanation Guide

So you're running home from work and stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner or maybe at the local drugstore for your prescription when you notice out of the corner of your an inconspicuous Redbox display. “Hey, what could be better than watching a movie with the family tonight for only a $2?” you think to yourself. Well how about watching a movie with your family for free?!

Redbox is essentially a movie vending machine. Step right up, pick your flick, and out spits a DVD. Think of it as a super convenient Blockbuster if Blockbusters still existed. But the best part about Redbox is they often release free Redbox rental codes which we post here on HIF. Using these codes couldn't be easier!

  • Push “Rent With A Promo Code” Button – It's in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Once here, you'll want to enter your free rental code that you just got from HIF!
  • Select Your Movie – Once you've entered your code, you're now free to browse the movies and select which one you want for free. Once you've decided, add it to your cart and checkout.
  • Accept The Terms – Redbox will now let you know that you owe $0.00 and ask if you approve. If you don't, you clearly have trouble with math.
  • Swipe Credit Card – This is to keep Thieving McStealers from keeping the movies and never returning them. You'll only be charged if you don't return the movie the next day and even then, you're only charged $2 per late day.
  • Enjoy your free movie!

Now, as if Redbox wasn't awesome enough, I've got some tips and tricks that you can use to maximize your freebie rentals!

  • Reserve your movie online before heading to the kiosk and it'll be waiting for you! No more missing out on movies because you got to the store late.
  • The cutoff for Redbox return time 9:00pm local time. If you do not return the disc by 9, you will be charged for an extra rental day.
  • If you own more than one credit or debit card, do multiple transactions using the same rental code and get multiple free movies! For instance, today I used my debit card to rent the new Bond film and my credit card to rent a romantic comedy for my sister. Two cards, one promo code, and zero dollars spent!
  • Rentals are due back by 9pm the evening after you've rented the movie! So if you rent a movie at 11am on Monday, you've got until 9pm on Tuesday to get it back. You're really getting a day and a half to watch the movie! This is perfect for kids who are sick and staying home from school, especially if they enjoy watching something over and over.
  • Get an Extra Day Tip! – Renting a movie late at night? Then get the most time out of your rental by getting it 12:01am! When you rent a movie or game just after midnight, Redbox gives you that entire day PLUS the next day to watch and return it!

    For example, you want to rent a movie late Friday night. If you wait until 12:01am, then it's technically Saturday morning. Therefore, you don't have to return the rental until 9:00pm Sunday night! That means you get ALL day Saturday, plus most of Sunday – all for the price of a single days rental! Pretty neat, huh?

  • You can return your rentals at any Redbox kiosk! I absolutely love this perk, because I'll often times put the DVD in my car after I've watched it and then only remember to return it once I'm far from home. I keep a list of Redbox kiosks within a 25 mile radius of my house in my glovebox πŸ˜€ I've also put this feature to use during road trips, as my family will rent a movie here in town and then drop it off 100 miles down the road!
  • Find out which location nearest you has a kiosk outside. My local Walgreens Redbox is the closest to me (within walking distance!), but it's located inside the store. If they're closed, then I can't rent/return a movie. However, my nearby grocery store is only a mile away and has a kiosk outside the main doors. So I can rent/return a movie at 3am if I want.

So there you have it! If you have any further questions, check out Redbox's help center, and if you have any further tips & tricks, contact us!

About the Author: Goob

I'm a nationally renowned freebie finder & sample vetter, which I never imagined I'd be doing while getting my Bachelor's Degree in History almost 20 years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy launching my own space program and disproving the Coriolis effect.