Free Redbox Rental Codes

If you're looking for some cheap entertainment, then I've got ya covered! The following code will give you a free Redbox movie rental.


More Free Redbox Codes

In addition, new users can try using the following codes for free Redbox rentals. These codes can only be used once per account, but seem to be frequently available.

  • PUSH
  • DVDATWAG – only works at Walgreens locations
  • WALGREENS – only works at Walgreens locations
  • RDBOXHEB – only works at HEB locations
  • REDBOXHEB – only works at HEB locations
  • DVDATWEG – only works at Wegman's locations
  • DVDKROG – only works at Kroger locations
  • DRIVEIN – only works at Sonic locations

Does anybody miss the days of sharing their free Redbox codes? When they first came out over a decade ago, my local kiosks always had three or four people lined up. I'd have fun coming up with goofy ways to announce the code and make everybody happy knowing they were getting a free rental that night.

🎂 Don't forget, there's a free Redbox birthday rental offer as well!

Signup today and you'll get both a free rental for joining, plus another freebie during your birthday month!

And if you're new to movie rentals, we have a Redbox guide here!

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