SavingStar – Turn Coupons Into Cash

Free SavingStar Coupons

We all know there are a million different places to print coupons from the Internet. A while back, Cellfire tried to shake things up by offering to load coupons onto your store loyalty card. It sounded sweet until I saw that their system only worked with a handful of stores, none of which I lived near. But now there's a new company called SavingStar that offers to do something similar, with a twist, and at pretty much every store – at least near me. And this includes drugstores.

The way SavingStar works is you load the coupons onto your loyalty card and then get paid when you use them. So if you load a $1 Oreo coupon and then buy some Oreos, your shopping bill at the store doesn't change or lower. Instead, $1 is credited to your SavingStar account. Once you reach $5, you can cash it out via Paypal or a gift card.

How SavingStar Works

Now before I go shopping, I simply load everything up onto my card and then if I happen to buy the product before, sweet. It's almost like free money that I forget about until I remember to login and look at my account.

Some of you may remember SavingStar offering Friday Freebies each Friday from 2013 into 2015. Then, from May 2015 through June 2016, they offered freebies each month. Like any great Mariners fan, I expected it to abruptly end. Sadly, I was right, as they stopped giving away freebies and never started it back up again.

So they're all-in on coupons! Has anybody used SavingStar yet? What are your thoughts or opinions on it?