Tobacco Freebies, Gear, & Swag

Free tobacco cigars and cigarettes themselves are fairly rare. But freebies and swag from tobacco companies are some of the best freebies still offered! Great freebies are offered from various tobacco companies multiple times throughout the year – just check out the list below! Tobacco conglomerate Altria are constantly offering great free gifts and giveaways via their subsidiary brands, like Marlboro or Copenhagen.

If you don't want to miss out, I advise making a free account with Altria's three main parent companies – Philip Morris (cigarettes), US Smokeless (smokeless), and John Middleton Brands (cigars & pipes). Then when the next high value freebie is released, you won't have to waste time going through the verification process.

Your login credentials will work across all similar brand websites. I'd personally start with Marlboro. As you can see, registering with Marlboro then lets you login to 11 additional sites as well, which greatly increase your odds of snagging a freebie!

Philip Morris Brands – Cigarettes

  • Marlboro
  • Basic
  • Chesterfield
  • Commander
  • Dave's
  • L&M
  • Lark
  • Merit
  • Parliament
  • Players
  • Saratoga
  • Virginia Slims

Once setup there, I'd head to Copenhagen – the website, not the Danish capital. The bulk of smokeless freebies come from either them or Skoal.

US Smokeless Brands – Chewing & Smokeless Tobacco

  • Copenhagen
  • Cope
  • Skoal
  • Red Seal
  • Husky

Finally, I'd register with Black & Mild to gain access to their great offers.

John Middleton Brands – Cigars & Pipes

  • Apple
  • Black & Mild
  • Carter Hall
  • Middleton's Cherry Blend
  • Gold & Mild
  • Kentucky Club
  • Prince Albert
  • Royal Comfort
  • Sugar Barrel
  • Walnut

Now let's talk about that verification process for a minute. If you've never signed up for a tobacco freebie before, it can seem a little hard. The trick is that tobacco companies are forced by federal law to make sure you're not a minor. Thus, they must pay for a system that checks your identity against your state's DMV system.

When you register, depending on the state you live in, you'll possibly need to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number. Again, this is completely normal for tobacco freebies. The system using bank level of encryption to cross-check your name and address with the DMV's database to make sure you're 21 or older. Federal law mandates this!

This is why registering ahead of time is crucial. If their verification system is lagging or down and you haven't pre-registered, then you might miss out on the free samples, coupons, and offers!

Typical Tobacco Freebies

So, what type of free swag sounds good to you? While this list isn't 100% complete, here are some of the previous tobacco freebies offered since I started HIF in 2005!

Black & Mild

  • Bottle opener
  • Cigar tube
  • Coasters, set of 4
  • Money clip bottle opener
  • Pair of headphones
  • Phone wallet
  • Smoking jacket to channel your inner Hugh Hefner
  • USB portable battery charger


  • Customized tshirt
  • Customized water bottle


  • Bower Rugged BT bluetooth speaker
  • Camouflaged trucker hat (multiple times)
  • Coasters, set of 4
  • Leather wallet (multiple times)
  • Margarita glasses, set of 4
  • Monogrammed rock glass
  • Multitool (multiple times)
  • Personalized flask
  • Sharpdraw carpenter pencil
  • Thermal flask (multiple times)
  • Tire gauge (multiple times)
  • Wagan Brite-Nite dome lantern


  • Label cutter
  • Sunglasses lanyard


  • Keyring bottle opener
  • Magic wallet
  • Personalized money clip
  • Spice tin
  • Travel mug


  • 3-in-1 tool of flashlight, compass, and match holder
  • Bandanna
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Bottle opener (multiple times)
  • Canteen
  • Car vent phone mount
  • Darts
  • Flannel pajamas
  • Headlamp
  • Hot sauce
  • Keyring Multi-Tool (multiple times)
  • Leather keychain (multiple times)
  • Leather luggage tag
  • Leather work gloves
  • Movie tickets
  • Paracord multi-tool
  • Personalized beer pint
  • Personalized t-shirt
  • Playing cards
  • Pocket ashtray
  • Portable litter device
  • Smartphone travel tripod
  • Travel mug
  • Vapur water bottle
  • Zippo lighter (multiple times)

Red Seal

  • American Hat
  • Multitool


  • Bottle opener
  • Magnetic bottle opener
  • Multi-function utility band

Virginia Slim

  • Bath salts
  • Personalized monogram stationary set
  • Sleek & chic slim lighter

162 comments on “Tobacco Freebies, Gear, & Swag”

  1. Ive been winning stuff from them for 20 years & never smoked or chewed lol Getting to ride in the nascar & stadium truck for a few race laps was super awesome

    have a merry christmas goob ^^

  2. I scored one on the first try/deal of cards. Marlboro/Copenhagen freebies are great. I miss Marlboro miles, I have boxes of new used items even a swiss army watch.

  3. I love Marlboro!! Every since I’ve been on their mailing list I’ve received so many free gifts.Ashtrays,coupons,lighters,cups,spoons,BBQ sauce,tool sets,dominions and (drum roll please) A trip to the Marlboro Ranch in Clyde Park Montana.I must say it was the best time of my life!

  4. Finally got mine today. It’s cool. tested the bottle opener right away. works fine. Also, it’s worth $16.95 including shipping, so all in all a pretty good freebie. Thanks Goob!!!

  5. The coasters were out of stock, but the wallet and a coupon pack were still available to choose from. I requested the wallet for my hubby. Thanks Goob!!!

  6. We both got ours today. Even the box is nice and sturdy. I love their freebies! Over the years we’ve gotten shirts, a sleeping bags, thermoses, first aid kit, flashlight with compass on the other end and the middle holds matches, grilling sets with spatula, meat fork and thermometer, and on and on. I don’t smoke. LOL The lighters will go for stocking stuffers at Christmas. We also got blankets, one of which goes on the back seat of my car, much to my wife’s dismay, because every time I take our dogs to the vet, Buckethead poops in the back seat.

  7. Thanks Goob! I just got my compass/flashlight/match holder from Marlboro, and my Zippo lighter from Marlboro is on it’s way…Now a tire gauge! Woot woot.

  8. Husband and I both got one. We don’t smoke either, but since tobacco companies can no longer put their logo on merchandise they give away, these things make great stocking stuffers. They even sent me a Zippo lighter on my birthday. We’ve gotten sleeping bags, hats, t-shirts, ashtrays, flashlights, etc. from them.

  9. I’ve gotten a coleman tent countless bottle openers and glasses, some killer ear buds and a clean canteen. I’ve been very lucky with their give aways

  10. I got mine yesterday. It’s pretty cool, but what is the twist-off bottom cup for? Share with someone? Reserve tank? Secret stash holder?

  11. hey goob!! thanks. we love you. just a heads up theres another (philip morris) promo at its a free set of 4 record coasters. i dont think you posted that one yet.

  12. The stupid website asked for SSN again! I love free stuff. But it’s not worth it to give your SSN in exchange of some stupid stuff like this. πŸ™

    • any site that has cigarettes in it will ask so they make sure you are not under 21 this is the same with Marlboro and black and mild too. They have to by law get educated about it and you will see you have nothing to worry about. I joined Marlboro years ago and have never had any problems. Good luck.

  13. Marlboro gives away pretty decent stuff about twice a year. You only have to set up the account once, so over time, you do get more than just darts. I think I’ve gotten a t-shirt, travel mugs, bottle openers, cards, and other random stuff over the years. I wasn’t thrilled with giving out my ss# initially, but I do believe they aren’t using it for any nefarious purposes.

  14. Havent been in the site for months but it was there for me. But then again they also have randomly sent me an awesome bottle opener and a water bottle. Still have the flashlight I originally signed up for somewhere…

  15. I only got the ashtray and a set of flannel pj’s with my custom embroidery….no cup, I called and It is only for people who get a specific email about it.

  16. Got my wallet TODAY! It’s super nice…by Leeman New York…and everyone in the house (that’s old enough) really can get one πŸ™‚ Yay!

  17. Growing up in NC we always considered tobacco a vegetable…and tobacco companies always give the best freebies… THANKS Goob-man, no probs signing in, can’t wait to get my wallet, nice gift for my son.

  18. Following are all the freebies (that I can remember) getting over the years from tobacco companies with NO problem whatsoever:
    Sleeping bag
    Collapsible picnic table
    Portable propane gas grill
    Multi-purpose tool
    T-Shirts galore (at least 11)
    Bicycle helmet
    More Zippo lighters than you can shake a stick at
    Inflatable lounge chair for the pool (I just need a pool now)

  19. omg, tobacco companies have to ask because it could really mess them up to be marketing to children. why do you think its not legal to send alcohol in the mail? because it could get into the hands of someone who is not legally old enough..if you don’t want to give out your social, then don’t. but its quite amusing to read your comments..not everyone is out to get you or your social. and i believe big companies like marlboro, l&m, and copenhagen(just naming all the corporations that i personally have gotten some awesome freebies from with NO identity theft to date) have better things to do than try to take your life &info. just sayin.

    ps goob you rock

  20. AWESOME freebie. My hubby just loved it. If only I could have intercepted the mail, and saved it for his B-Day. He would have been really impressed!!!

  21. I got mine in this thing in awesome!!! only holds a few shots but thats just right for concerts that charge 14.00 a beer πŸ™‚

  22. This is by far my favorite Freebie EVER! My name fits just right. Sadly, i received it in the mail two days after finding out that I am pregnant…….Oh well, I’m sure it will eventually come in handy.

  23. I got mine! It is wonderful, and I’ll be saving this one for a Christmas present for the hubby…he doesn’t need to know πŸ™‚

  24. Got mine delivered today…took a bit to get it but worth it (it is free afterall). Will get a test of the drinkability later tonight πŸ™‚

  25. I am a member from some time ago, this site and the other tobacco sites. Yes your ssn [last 4 I think] has to be put in. But I have never had any trouble from these legit sites. I signed up last week for my X X X flask. I played week 1 snus Marlboro game and got a pair of the ear buds. they came in mail yesterday. one of 350,000. So rock on!

  26. I’ve been signed up on that site for a long time…took me a total of about 5 seconds after login to get the confirmation its being shipped. from my experiences the items arrive sooner then later. and they are legit…i’ve rec’d a crap load of coupons from them too..enough to buy some alcohol with the savings. next time, i’ll drink the savings to that in the flask they provide me.

  27. I did this the other day. I go to Copenhagen and Marlboro to get freebies all the time. It’s a p.i.t.a. to get signed up, but once you do, its easy. I’ve gotten some decent free stuff from both. Thanks for posting

  28. To those freaked out about the SSN and stuff….If you have never signed up for their site, you do have to provide some detailed info. I signed up a long time ago, but if I am not mistaken they ask for the last four digits, not the whole thing… It is nothing that is not public record already… they check your info again your state driver license info on file as proof of your age. All the tobacco companies have had to start doing this as a measure to prevent minors from signing up because it is illegal for them to send anything to an underage person. I have been a member of not only the Copenhagen site but also Marlboro and others for a long time and have never had any problems because I gave them my info. (I have been on Marlboro’s mailing list since the days before internet and you had to send all that info by snail mail!) And I have gotten some mighty fine things from them in return!

  29. Just before going camping I ordered one for myself… a Flask … and had my Brother and Husband do the same – all done within the same week.

    Mine came right away… and the other two came about a month later… odd. If you signed up for it, don’t lose hope:) they take a long time.

    Also, the personal information is to verify that you are at least 18 b/c they are not allowed to solicit to minors, which I appreciate.

  30. Wow, I just got my flask from a few months ago! I tried for another, but there is nowhere to click for one on the site! Even did another survey! But I am glad to have gotten at least one!

  31. I signed up for this last time it was available… saw people say they didn’t get it, and figured it wouldn’t come.

    Then I forgot about it. And it arrived a week ago.

    It’s wonderful, high quality, and works great!


  32. I got my thermal flask today. It’s got to rank right at the top of my freebies recieved list, it’s really cool! Big and sturdy and stainless steel.

  33. I used my Marlboro login and it worked! No need to give any new info, just confirm what they already had. Then entered sweep and claimed t-shirt. If you have a Marlboro login, try it.

  34. I love Copenhagen freebies!! I don’t use the product, but I love their offers and tell everyone about them. I give the coupons to people that do use the product and justify my accepting the freebies that way πŸ™‚ So far we’ve gotten a multi tool (kinda looks like a swiss army knife), a thermos, a camo hat and just ordered two more thermos’ (my husband and I both have memberships). We kept the last thermos, we ordered these for our parents.

  35. I don’t want it but I put two in for my brothers and finance to get one since they are always out camping in the summer it, okay maybe not always but it seems like

  36. Thanks Goob! My husband and I each got one last time around and wanted 2 more to keep on our boat. I didn’t find them poorly designed at all. They are actually like a Thermos Bottle. The top is a cup that you pour your drink into. It’s not designed to drink straight from the bottle.

  37. Yay! Thanks Goob! I couldn’t decide between the hat or the flask last time and went with the hat, so now I got the flask! Cooool

  38. Gee, that was easier than signing up for 99.9% of all make-up freebies I’ve ever tried to sign up for. Thanks! My brother-in-law will be getting this for Christmas!

  39. Asked for only my last 4 digits of SS number which is no big deal because the amount of people with the same last 4 digits are in the millions. I don’t smoke nor do I condone it, but I’ll wear this around the house as a “slob shirt”. And for those that are 18 and can buy the product, the reason you have to be 21 is because not all states are 18 or over, some are 21 or over, so they set it at 21. Hope that made sense. Anyway, thanks Goob, I will now have hit the 100 mark in free t-shirts gathered over the years!

  40. This was a bit of a hassle, but I finally got it done. Had to try different variations of verification information asked for but it finally worked. T-shirt is on its way. Didn’t ask me for SS* or DL*. Thanks Goob

  41. Thanks Goob! No problems signing up. Didn’t ask for DL or SS. To get the free T-shirt, you have to click on the “Enter to Win” banner on the left side. Once you enter, it asks you if you want a free t-shirt, then confirms your address. Simple as that. Thanks!

  42. I had to load the site in Firefox (opposed to Safari, don’t judge me), but signed up successfully! Shirt is on it’s way! I’m super excited man.

  43. Going to pass on this one. Loved Copenhagen’s camo hat & hope to get my margarita glasses soon, but wouldn’t wear this T-shirt to a rock fight.

  44. i got one! 6-8 weeks to get here. the ONLY reason they ask such info is to verify your age. will make a nice sleep shirt!

  45. GOT MY FLASK IN THE MAIL TODAY! It looks great and I really love it. It’s small, but handy enough to carry anywhere. What a great freebie!

  46. I just received this pocket knife this week. It was beyond what I thought I would be receiving. Thought it was going to be cheap and flimsy. It was very nice! And came with a case.

  47. I know a lot of people are nervous about giving out their info over the net, but there are large corporations that have too much to lose to go messing with people’s lives. The liability of having your information is probably something they don’t want to have, but it is required. I would say this is as secure or more so than anything else online. The bad publicity of a hacker would be a big hit to already unfavorable industry. I don’t smoke or chew, but I have gotten several things from Marlboro (including an AMAZING trip to their ranch, complete with goodie package) and a few things from Copenhagen. They are so restricted in advertising that the only thing they can really do is to suck up to current customers (and me) to keep them happy.

  48. Man, if only every freebie was as easy to get as these tobacco company ones. ( I apologize to the people who can’t actually get on in the first place, please disregard this. ) But man, the thing fills out all of my info for me, doesn’t give me a bunch of stupid options or anything, and my freebies ALWAYS come, and within a few days at that.

  49. I love the freebies from the tobacco sites so I will gladly give up my info! The only reason they need it is to verify that your not a minor. I got my multitool from copenhagen yesterday and it is really nice!! Can’t wait for the flask (both of them since I registered the hubba too!)

  50. These are the only sites I use my real name because they need to verify my age. Otherwise, for ALL freebies I use my middle name, a fake birthdate, and if they require a phone number, I use our fax machine number.

  51. Thanks Goob. I’ve gotten awesome freebies from Marlboro and Copenhagen. From Marlboro I’ve gotten a T-shirt, a thermos, a sleeping bag. I got the multipurpose tool, the hat and now the thermos from Copenhagen. All x2, one for myself and one for my husband. Years ago Doral had a program where you send in the little green things on the tops of cigarette packs. Actually got my VCR/DVD combo, a vacuum cleaner and various other things. I don’t smoke but my brother owns 4 bars, so he always would save thrown out cig packs. I love my brother. LOL

  52. Man, I love Copenhagen and Marlboro freebies. It’s like they can’t brand them or something. So you end up getting a cool product that has no branding on it whatsoever!

  53. I have the multi-tool, camo hat, and a $10 bass pro card that I’ve gotten from them. I will NEVER chew, but I appreciate their freebies!

  54. All it asked for from me was the last four and was the name the same on my DL. Got one on its way for me and one for my hubby!

  55. oooh nice, I wonder how that “flask” will measure up to Marlboros “canteen”
    I’m still all excited because I just received the “multitool” from copenhagen!
    What suprises me the most about these tobacco co freebies is that they don’t have the company name all over them.

  56. I can understand not wanting to give out your info, but just to let you know they only want the last 4 of your social, not the whole number. But some folks may not be interested in giving that out as well. – Bummer on the Lip Balm, I was so excited, but got too many pop ups.

  57. Great! got the hat, the gift card, the multi tool and now the flask! My husband is loving this! all good items too…… junk! thanks goob.

  58. Gotta say I love the freebies from Copenhagen (don’t smoke or chew or whatever it is they sell). Just got the free multi tool in the mail and previously got the camo hat and $10 at Bass Pro shop. Probably the best freebies consistently… (sorry Wal-mart).

  59. So far I have received a hat, a 10 dollar bass pro gift card and a really cool multi-tool knife. And my thermal flask is on it’s way.

  60. I just received my tool in the mail, and it is by far one of the beat freebies ever. The Copenhagen Co. should be commended for their marketing genius promotion, it does outshines the others.

  61. We just got ours yesterday and boy, it is really nice- I barely got a look at it before my husband declared it for his tackle box. It is really too pretty for that! Anyone who gets one of these will really like it.


  63. Keep signing up for those freebies from Marlboro! I signed up to be on their mailing list years ago….and it has totally paid off! I get coupons all the time and a gift every year on my birthday. My husband and I also received a “Guests Only” invitation to a party @ the Cadillac Ranch in Cleveland. AND…..over the summer, I won a trip for 2 to the Marlboro Ranch in Montana! Completely free and completely legit! The trip was worth 5K. I actually got my 1099 in the mail today…..but, no worries, as part of my winnings, they gave me a check to cover the taxes on this!! Sweet, huh?? So….stay signed up with them, it may pay off for you too!

  64. Thanks! There was one on here (I think it was!) a long time back for a ‘spittoon.’ We actually got it even tho none of us would ever use it for its intended purpose. My kids covered the words with stickers and we use it as a flower pot. LOL…strange but true….

  65. Thanks Goob! I just wanted to say that I do NOT dip, but I AM a smoker, and although I KNOW how horrible that is for my health, I’m not sure that I think it’s a moral conflict?? I’m having a difficult time thinking that although it’s a health hazard (and a bad one at that), that dipping or smoking is a moral issue? I guess if it IS a moral issue, then I have bad morals πŸ˜‰

    Either way, I appreciate this and all of the freebies and if I were offended by ANY of them…I just wouldn’t sign up for them! Thanks again Goob!!

  66. I got my free hat and $10 bass pro gift card too – hat for my hubby and some earrings for me πŸ™‚ can’t wait for the “multi tool” Thanks Goob!!! Worked just fine for me. And to all of you afraid to put in your information – it’s available to anyone for a price anyway.

  67. Thanks for the info on the freebie. I too received the campo hat and Bass Pro Gift Card from them and am looking forward to receiving the knife.

    Thanks Goob for passing on all freebies without deciding which ones you think are morally okay for us.

  68. I, too, got my camo trucker hat and bass pro card from Copenhagen. Thanks Vdragon for the tip about the pepper spray! I couldn’t think of what to get with the GC but that’s an awesome idea!

  69. Thanks for the great Freebie! The last Copenhagen one was awesome! I used my $10 at Bass Pro Shop to buy some pepper spray to carry for when I go running (and wear my free hat!).

  70. As I already received the Hat & Bass Shop gift card all I had to do was sign in and click. This will make a good gift for fathers day. Thanks Goob for posting this one

  71. Got the hat and gift card. Gave the husband the hat – and believe it or not, Bass Pro shops sells charms – So he got a hat and I got some jewelry…sounds fair to me!

  72. They only asked last four of my soc. I finished all 3 levels. On the third level there were alot of squirrels that popped in just for a second and left. Cant wait to rock my camo hat and gain a southern accent.

  73. I got the free hat, but am I the only one who never saw ONE animal on the 3rd round?? I played it twice, and both times, there weren’t any animals in the 3rd round to shoot! I just sat there for 3 minutes or whatever it was, waiting for an animal, and then it says, “Try again, you gotta be quick out there”. LOL…. I dont really care about the gift card anyways. Just wanted the hat for my husband.

  74. i got the hat and the gift card but i didnt see where it tells u how much u get on it…..ive gotten a thing from this site before that u can spit in if u dip..gave it to my dad

  75. Scored Expert after 3 rounds, I did get a hat, and the gift card, also from all the animals I slayed Im going to make a wicked cool coat for this up coming winter, its going to be cold. I also saved some of the deer meat to make some really cute Bambi sandwiches. Thanks…This is a really neat freebie!

  76. I got my T-shirt yesterday…it’s actually pretty cool, if a little thin. But who can complain about a free T-shirt they got to design?

  77. I got my shirt as well. After I signed up for my shirt I stamped my logo on one of their causes. I’ve already received my “portable litter device”! It’s pretty nice. It is black and about the size of a Zippo. Heavier tho. It has a place to put out your cig, which is removable for easier emptying. It says it will hold 4 cig butts. It has a spring loaded lid like a Zippo as well. I’ll try and post a picture in a bit. My webcam doesn’t seem to be working ATM. Thanks!

  78. I got my shirt and LOVE it!! But my boyfriends shirt isnt the one we made for him and not even his size. Guess they got some mixed up… Oh well at least we didnt have to pay for them!

  79. I got my shirt back last week. I was so happy it actually came. Plus the up side was there aren’t any Marlboro logos on it. I made one for my nephews and my brother. Thanks!!

  80. I got mine yesterday, too! It’s great. I was surprised at the quality of the t-shirt. this is one of my favorite freebies ever! Thanks!!

  81. I signed up for the contest this summer (I won a wallet bottle opener, wall mounted bottle opener, some coffee and a trip to the ranch in MT) and all it asked for was bday, last 4 of my social, and address. I signed my gf up and it was the same for her too. My pocket ashtray showed up Monday (they send you one the first time you vote for one of the charities). I am still waiting for the shirt, but everything else from the site has been really quick.
    I haven’t had a problem with any spam or ID theft from giving my info. The prizes have all been nice quality and free of any Marlboro logos or wording. My parents have had the same experience.

  82. Ordered my shirt about a week ago & got it today. nice gildan t-shirt & just the right size. I’ve signed up for hundreds of other clothes freebies over the past year & this is the first time I got something, well worth it.

  83. This is Marlboro. The information that they request is ONLY to CONFIRM your date of birth. I have been a registered user for years. They do not give or sell your info. to anyone. They are not getting free advertising out of the deal either, because it is illegal for them to advertise at all. They spend there advertising budget on promotions like this to keep their brand in their customer’s minds. They are not asking for the info. just to send you a free shirt, the info. is required by law before you can even access their website.

  84. i was already a member for several months so i just logged in and then did the freebie t shirt pretty cool should be here in 6-8 weeks i love when you can design your own t shirts for free

  85. OK…. its a secure site, Im sure a raccon in my garbage has already stole my identity, Ive gotten 25.00 zippo lighters and 25.00 amazon gift cards from this site, I have two accounts set up, and cant wait for my new shirts to come in, Im having a huge yard sale this spring and I was lacking a branded home made shirt. I also entered the sweeps for the trip to the ranch, I hope I dont blowout a lung from all the coupons for marlboro cigarettes coming.

  86. If you dont like a particular freebie, then move on and dont waste your time complaining about it. Goob spends alot of time finding fabulous freebies for us. Thanks Goob for all you do! πŸ™‚

  87. I actually received this last week and it was super cool. The cigar came in a tube with a coupon for 4 more free cigars if you ordered just one from them. I don’t smoke cigars, but I think it’s going to make a cool stocking stuffer for Christmas for my step-dad.


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