Two Free Breathe Right Nasal Strips

This freebie was first published in 2009, but is still available as of 2021!

That sound you just heard was the ol' Reliability Train rumbling through town, bringing with it your annual reminder to sign up for this classic freebie!. These two free Breathe Right nasal strips have been around for so long that I think we should induct them into the Freebie Hall of Fame.

Don't get too excited though, it's not as prestigious as it sounds. It's basically a space on my bookcase where I needed some color. It sits right between a broken clock and an old t-ball trophy. I was the only kid not to punch a teammate that year!

I was actually on a team the last time I wore one of these free Breath Right nasal strips. It was back in high school on the football field. You should have seen me, I was a beast! Tirelessly running up and down the field and always hanging around with the tough guys was a recipe for instant popularity. It seemed like everybody knew and was talking about me, which always made me feel great. And the girls! Oh, the girls. They were always pointing at me and laughing – no doubt thinking of a hilarious joke I'd recently told in class.

I probably didn't need to wear full football gear to be the water boy, but people were always throwing good luck charms at me, like empty beer bottles. Sure, they hurt whenever they hit my head, but the more they threw, the faster I ran, and the more hydrated our team was! What great fans, huh?!

I never learn what happens if you wear ten Breathe Right's at once? Does that give you ten times the amount of oxygen you'd normally get? Don't worry, I plan on testing this out in the interest of science / filling a lazy Thursday afternoon.

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  1. Hello! You cracked me up so hard on this post and then I had to keep reading around. What a delight to come across your funny anecdotes! Power to you, whoever you are! πŸ™‚
    -Sign Another Earthling

  2. They’re good for intensive sports, especially when wearing a gum shield like during martial arts sparring. A few chaps at my dojang like to use them.

  3. Thank you for placing your order to receive 2 FREE Breathe Right Advanced Samples. Your order has been processed and will be fulfilled as soon as possible

    Thanks for the free stuff

  4. I received a free sample the last time, they worked great on my husband. I need to go buy some.
    This time it said that too, that it would be mailed?

  5. I am iffy about these working. From most of what I have gleaned about snoring over the years, it comes mostly from the throat (uvula) and not the nose. Of course, if one’s nose is blocked then they will gasp for air through the mouth…but be aware that if you have oily skin then they will not stick very well (at least that was the case when my husband tried them a few years ago).

  6. I got them in the mail the last time it was posted, but havn’t had my husband try them yet. Our close friend says they really do work.

  7. Goob, will you marry me? Oh wait, I don’t think my husband would like that too much…and neither would the three munchkins!
    Hopefully you will get a better offer!

  8. Goob, would you please be Godfather to all of my children?? I have 5 of them and they are all teenagers except for one who is 22. They would love for you to be their Godfather and also, they want to spend the summer with you okay? Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Yep It is working now. Time 4pm est…….Got my free sample. Now to get the hubby to put it on and see if they really work……I always pinch his nose when he does snore, but he isn’t to amused by that….LoL


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