Welcome New Readers

Welcome! Whether you found HIF via a news broadcast, interview, article, or any other method, I'm glad you're here πŸ™‚ Now begins your entry to the world of freebies!

First off, freebies can be found on our homepage, but we have a page of every available freebie! Makes it super handy πŸ™‚

In addition to the freebies, here are some of the most popular sections of the site:

Top Rated Freebies – Occasionally we put together massive lists of freebies that you can find. For instance, we have an ongoing list of stores and restaurants that give away free birthday food. Another good example is our free state maps collection.

Free Coupons – A roundup of all the websites where you can print out coupons for free.

Daily Newsletter – Every day at 3:00 EST, a newsletter goes out with every new post we made in the previous 24 hours.

Stay In Touch – And last, but not least, we offer a gazillion different ways to follow our recent postings. Want to follow our RSS feed? Addicted to Twitter? Ignore basic hygiene by spending too much time to Facebook? We feel your pain.

And that should do it! Of course, if you still have no idea what's going on here, feel free to contact me and ask away with your questions.

About the Author:

I'm a nationally renowned freebie finder & sample vetter, which I never imagined I'd be doing while getting my Bachelor's Degree in History almost 20 years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy launching my own space program and disproving the Coriolis effect.

38 comments on “Welcome New Readers”

  1. I have been seeing the ad on TV here for free things etc. This must be you!
    Congratulations. I will try and watch tonight, it said it will be on the 10:00 news on Channel 4 (a local Milwaukee TV station).

  2. Your site was mentioned in a recent issue of Woman’s World magazine as a site to see. Which is how I happened to come across it and I know that magazines recommendations get a lot of traffic…

  3. saw it on myspace. a friend had it as her status.
    “checking out heyitsfree.com”
    so i wanted to see what they were talking about.
    but went to the .com site and didtnt get anything, so searched heyitsfree and found this site.

  4. My brother in law saw this site on our local news about a month ago and I was hooked. Thanks!! My husband also heard about it on our capital land radio station PYX 106 and the dj was saying all the freebies for the election!

  5. I check your site daily, and love it! This morning, I just happened to see a link on comcast.net pertaining to election day freebies. Way to get exposure!

  6. I found out about the site in a consumer report magazine. I cleaned up and organized this weekend so of course i cant find it!! lol
    But you know if something is recomended by comsumer reports it is trust worthy!!!

    LOVE the site guys!!!

  7. I am new to the site, was recommended by a friend, I come here often and love what I see. I have sent off many samples and im looking forward to checking my mail box for all the freebies. Sites awesome!!

  8. My mom actually gave me an article out the “Enquirer” gossip mag lol. They told the truth this time however…this site is awesome.

  9. Hey Goob! I found out about your site because it was all over Amazon mturk. The CNN mention sent it all over Amazon too. Congrats on the hits. I’m loving your site!

  10. I saw it on CNN all morning long. I’ve had it on since about 7:30am (Pacific Time) and they have mentioned your site at least once an hour. Good news for you πŸ™‚

  11. I’m in the same boat as Kurt. I’ve been trying to view your site for some 15 minutes now after the mention on CNN. If I didn’t have to go to school right now I would sit here and browse everything on this site. Oh well, gotta go learn stuff now.

  12. Same here, as soon as it was mentioned on CNN I tried and couldn’t access for 5 minutes. Great site, i’ve already signed up for free tea.

  13. Ah, that’s why the site is acting slow. Well now I’m not so angry at my server anymore since there’s a good reason πŸ˜€

    Thanks for letting me know about the cnn mention, everybody. Now it’s time to find a video of it!


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