Budget Busters #5: Redbox Rental Codes


Last year, Redbox gave away a free rental code every Monday. After it became a huge success, they changed the program to one free code per month. They then changed the program once again and instead of releasing one code for everybody, they asked people to sign up on their site and get a text message with a unique, free code.

So while I’d love to share with you the code that I get on the first Monday of each month, I can’t as it’s only valid for me. So if you have a Redbox nearby and want to make sure you get a free rental code each month, make sure you sign up!

  • stargzer09

    Thanks Goob!

  • Andrea R.

    I completely forgot about this. I had signed up for it, but never realized that I stopped receiving the texts. I just signed up again. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Jo

    I don’t like that it is only good on Mondays. I don’t watch DVD’s on Mondays because I watch television on that night. Can’t they give us one free one a month for any day of the week? I mean, I am sure they would more than make up for it with the people who forget to turn in their movies by the next day…or the day after…or the day after that…(not mentioning names, my husband).

    On a different note to you Hiffers… I got my Butterfinger coupon the other day (I think it was an offer Goob pointed us toward) but I opened the envelope and it was a little flyer that had the butterfinger pic on it and the words “Enclosed is a coupon valid for one free 2.1 oz butterfinger….” well, that was all that was in the envelope…There was no actual coupon with a barcode or anything…just that little paper…anyone else? Please let me know. thanks.

  • jabberjaws

    Jo, I got my Butterfinger coupon and used it the other day at Walmart.

  • CHarlie, Thats a fake link.

  • Becky Cruz

    My cellular service provider is not compatible :(

  • a

    Jo, I would contact Butterfinger through their website. At the bottom of their page ( butterfinger.com of course) they have a contact us link.

    Thanks for the redbox heads up, Goob!

  • Dallas M

    You can get a free code by becoming a fan on FaceBook too. Works any time.

  • Jo

    Thanks ya’ll. I did send them an email per your suggestions and nicely told them the situation. Hopefully they won’t think I am just trying to scam another free bar. I really wanted that Butterfinger and told them a really good story the first time I applied (it was about out of space aliens)…LOL. So, we’ll see. In the meantime…you all enjoy your Butterfingers!

  • Kim

    So glad to receive this update Goob! Thanks for all your posts and info on free stuff and discounts…..you ROCK!

  • Melly Bean

    I dont think my butterfinger coupon had a barcode either, but my publix took it…

  • Kerig

    The Monday issue is twofold:

    1. So you are compelled to return it on Tuesday and see all of the new releases that day to pay for.

    2. So you don’t use it on a Tuesday for a brand new release that many others are willing to pay for (and forget to return the next day).

    Honestly, though, now that they’ve gone with unique codes they could at least say “use this any Monday this month” instead of making us all rent free on the same day like hiffers to a trough.

  • rhonda

    not fair to those of us that do not own a cell phne