Chat With Goob at 5:00pm EST

EDIT: Thanks to everybody who came out and chatted today! We had a blast, I’ll definitely host another early next week.

One of the nice perks of working for yourself is not having to screw around with a car or public transportation. You get to roll out of bed and immediately step into your “office.” However the total lack of human interaction can start to mess with you. I get out of my apartment at least once a day, but with the way technology is now there’s no reason why I can’t hang out with Hiffers!

So today around 5:00 est I’m going to host a live video chat on You should be able to join the chat room after making a free account, which takes no longer than 15 seconds. You don’t even have to verify your email. It’s nice and easy.

Who knows, maybe nobody is interested in this and I just sit in a chat room talking to myself. Wouldn’t be the first time! :D We can talk about whatever though! Freebies, sports, the meaning of life. I don’t really care, let’s just hang out and chat!

  • Cathrine H.

    Dang it! I missed it :( but I’ll be there for the next live chats :)

  • Sorry you missed it! I’ll definitely be holding these more regularly now, it was way more fun than I expected.

  • Beth

    I missed it but I just watched it on Justin.Tv. Goob, you are SO handsome! Such beautiful eyes and smile. I look forward to joining in on the next chat.

  • privatelyowned

    Darn! I missed it too.Next time, I hope I make it. Thanks and have a great day!

  • Wow, thank you very much! :)

  • Kimberly

    Goob, I am so sad right now. Why, oh why, didn’t I check messages earlier today?

  • Kimberly The Stupid

    Well, earlier, as in with enough time to see this, not today. Duh.

  • Nemo

    I actually was all set to watch you and just as you got started my husband walked into the room. Dang. I couldn’t really justify gluing myself to the monitor instead of getting dinner for him. You don’t want be get between a man and his dinner. I know others would like it later, but I’d like to watch earlier, before DH gets home at 3:40. Well, the two minutes without audio I saw looked like fun. Won’t be long before you’re hitting the late-night talk show circuit.