Free eBook Fridays from Barnes & Noble

Wait, I’m posting about Fridays on a Monday? I must already want my week over…

Even still, Barnes & Noble is giving away selected eBooks for free every Friday. While I don’t recognize every single title, there are quite a few on there. The only real catch? You still need a credit card to access them, even if it isn’t charged, and it takes 60 minutes from when you “purchase” them for the books to “ship” and be available to read.

So combine this with iBooks from the app store and you’re set! Until next Friday rolls around and the store updates with more… See? I’ve given you a week to get ahead!

  • Thanks, but none of these catch my eye, and some of these are just chapters of books that you have to pay to get the rest. Seems kind of fishy to me.

  • Kathleen

    Ty so much for posting this. I never would have known about it otherwise. So, yeah it’s mostly erotica (gag me) but there are a few winners in there, and they update them, so I will def be back.

    thanks again!

  • Rachael

    Did your guys books come in a weird format? I can’t opem them.

  • Cassie

    I tried this because there was actually a book in there that my husband’s been wanting to read, we’ll see how it works thanks :)

  • Hanna

    Rachael: b&n state in one of the FAQ areas that you have to use their special reader software to get the book to work. Think the software is a free download, too.

  • Donna

    I looks like if I download B&N’s ereader to my Sony ereader, I will only be able to read B&N downloaded items. Does anyone know if the B&N ereader replaces the one currently on your other-type reader?

  • Susan

    Tried to get a couple and could not get it going without entering a credit card. Sorry bit if it is “free” why must I enter a credit card”???

  • E.v.3

    Thank you.. Does it mean that they’ll add new books every friday though?
    oh yay…

  • Is there a free Friday book this week and if so what iis it???

  • Tabitha

    Just browsed the free ebooks from BN. Downloaded 3 by using my iPhone, then picked up my nook and the books were ready and waiting. Instant gratification. How sweet is that! Happy reading.