Free Friendly’s Fribble

Free Friendly's Fribble

I have no idea what a free Friendly’s Fribble is, but I assume it’s something we want. What are the odds it’s similar to the milkshake pictured above? That would be quite the coincidence!

You can get a free Fribble on Saturday, January 21, from 12-5pm. No purchase is necessary. Pants are suggested.

  • Bryan Irrera

    I’ve never known why they call it that, but a “fribble” is a milkshake.

  • Kate

    Fribbles are fantastic! I haven’t had one in years.

  • Seriously if you’re ever in New England go to a Friendly’s and have one. It’s like a super thick milkshake or frappe or cabinet depending on where you’re from. They’re really good. I don’t know about ice cream tomorrow though we’re supposed to get 6″ of snow.

  • Luella

    I used to work at Friendly’s fribbles are amazing and it would be so nice to get a free one. Too bad I’m in Colorado now. :(

  • Brian Farren

    Aww! Friendly’s is a restaurant chain in New England! But they closed a lot of them near my town! :(

  • Mike

    Goob, if you’ve never had a Fribble, you’ve ONLY had a milkshake….