Free Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription

Free Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription

So this free Garden & Gun magazine subscription is a real thing. Huh. Go figure. I guess some people have some strong feelings on roses and poinsettias.

  • nemo

    I’ll bet the subscribers don’t have any gophers, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels or moles messin with their gardens. No sir.

  • amanda

    talk about Guns & Roses…

  • me

    Creepy and scary

  • Beachplant

    It`s a southern thang, I`ve had a subscription for years. Mmmmm, makes me wanna go make gumbo… to the shrimp boats….

  • nellen


  • nothanks

    ahahahahhahahahahahaha good one amanda

  • gsp480

    best magazine out there! i’ve been a subscriber for years!