Free Kindle Books

I bought a Kindle last summer and promptly let it gather dust in my desk for a few months. Flash forward to January. I get snowed in, the power goes out, and I discover my impulse buy while rooting around for candles. I haven’t put it down since. I’m the only person who gets addicted to an electronic device during a power outage.

Luckily I’m not lacking for stuff to read thanks to all the free Kindle books that are available. They add a few dozen every week and it can honestly get overwhelming to go through them all. You can check out the top 100 Best Selling free Kindle books, but make sure you’re looking at the ones in the right column.

And remember, you don’t actually have to own a Kindle. You can download the free app to your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android, among others.

  • ashley

    i have the free app for computer – i just clicked the kindle section, then sorted them by price lowest to highest and went through the thousands and downloaded the ones i liked!

  • Mandy

    Also, there is a page on Facebook for Kindle owners called Pixel of Ink that lists free and bargain Kindle books every day. I’ve gotten several great ones from there.

  • Holly

    My husband’s boss just gave me a Kindle, I must say that I love it so much!! Thanks for this Freebie, it’s a good one!

  • allie

    This is a great one to post goob! I love my kindle – got mine for christmas – and with all the free books I hardly ever buy one.

    Also, if you go to and sign up for the daily email they will send you a list everyday of the new free books.

  • Bicky!:)

    Haha i have a NookColor!!:/

  • Cookie

    This is awesomeee!(: thanks!

  • Lisa

    @Bicky!:) I have a color nook as well. you can use it with some of these websites and just use the read online option. You obviously have to be connected with wifi, but it works~

  • S.Abe is better than the Amazon site when it comes to Kindle freebies. Ereader IQ lists all the currently free book and even allows you to read the sample from your browser. It also track prices on books that aren’t free and you can have it send you an email when a book you’re interested in goes on sale for a price you’d be willing to buy it at.

  • Shelli Browning

    Fab freebie – now if I can figure out how to lug my PC outside so I can read all my free new books! One day I’ll break down and get a Kindle. Till then, Goob, thanks for passing on offers like these and letting us know they are good for PCs, too. Hope I can figure out how to get them transferred to a Kindle when I eventually buy one!

  • Holly also finds free and bargain Kindle books, Nook books and Kobo books. So does

    You can also sign up to get a daily email of the books. They also have a FB page, too.

  • Rosemary

    Glad your enjoying your kindle. I love mine… I got mine this past christmas as a gift. I have over 70 books on it right now. All of them were free, except for two. I wanted to read them and only paid $1.99 for each… Happy Reading

  • Jaci


  • Alysson

    Barnes & Noble also lets you download free books. They offer 1-2 new ones every week to download directly onto the Nook. They also offer MANY, MANY more if you actually go into the store.

    They also offer incentives like “free parfait if you show your Nook @ the Starbucks within the bookstore.” The offers change frequently.

  • Terry

    Try and Books On The Knob…great selection of free and bargain titles updated daily.

  • Andrea

    kindle? yayy :)

  • Jamie Boatman

    To Shelli Browning, It is very easy to put your ebooks onto a kindle once you buy one.. I have kindle for pc but bought my kids kindles for Christmas this year and all I had to do was register the kindle with the same email and password as the free kindle app and you connect to wifi and they are all there you just pick the one(s) you want and download.

  • Mike

    Try They update free kindle books hourly i guess.

  • tracy

    love its